26 December 2012

6 months

This baby turned 6 months old (about a month ago)...

She's developed quite the little personality lately and we love it. Here are a few of her latest loves...

-She can crawl/scoot/roll to get what she wants. She's been moving like this for about a month and there is no stopping her when she decides where she wants to go.

-LOVES baby food. Her favorites are apple-prune, mac and cheese, and bananas. One thing is for sure... she DOES NOT like peas. I've tired to combine them with other foods to see if I can slowly introduce them to her. But it doesn't work. She gags every time. I think she takes after her aunt Michelle as far as peas go.

-Found her voice. She talks/screams every waking minute of her life. You can't get a word in when she is telling a "story" because she only gets louder.

-Loves the Christmas Tree. Especially the glittery balls. Fortunately they are shatterproof so I've let her have fun hitting them off the tree.

-LOVES Chloe (although Chloe is less than amused with her). Getting ahold of the dogs tail makes her laugh. Hopefully once Halle stops pulling so hard.. and Chloe chills out a bit they can be great friends

-Mostly sleeps on her belly (and has been for awhile. I feel no guilt.).  And prefers to have her legs bunched up under her so her bum sticks up. 

-Likes the bath, and doesn't like getting her hair washed. She would splash all night if we let her.

-That funny hair of hers sticks straight up. I've tried to style it a bit but it doesn't do much good. It just sticks straight out.

-Enjoys toys that make lots of noise. Especially a mirror/lipstick/comb set she got from a cousin for Christmas. 

-HATES being left alone. If you leave the room she is in she'll let you know she is still there.  Fortunately if she is tired she's happy to be alone for her 2 or 3 naps.

So there are a few highlights about our baby girl. She is just growing up too fast.

Finally... if you didn't get a copy of our Christmas card... Consider yourself wished a Merry Christmas (a day late)

06 October 2012

a few firsts...

Since I am so bad at getting this blog updated we'll do a "cliffnotes" version of the last few months. 

We celebrated Shane's first Fathers Day by spending an afternoon with the DeMill family on Saturday and then having a BBQ with the Hill/Pulley family on Sunday. 

We celebrated Halle's first Fourth of July at the Murray Parade in the morning, BBQ with the DeMills in the afternoon, and finished off the night at the West Jordan Rodeo.

We blessed our First Child... which also happened to be Halle's first day at church. 

Incase you are wondering Chloe had mixed feelings about Halle. Most of the time she prefers to be as far away from her as possible. When Halle cries Chloe makes sure we know and barks like crazy until we go calm the screaming child down. 

Halle met her first friend, Kate. She was quite pleasant until we decided to take their picture together. Halle is 6 weeks older than Kate. They had their first play date about a week ago.

We got our first smiles from this baby girl. We've since had first laughs. Oh the joy! She has also figured out the fake cry and pulls that one out when she wakes up from her nap. She will start "talking" to herself and if we don't pick her up in about 3 minutes from her talking the fake cry starts. Then breaks out in smiles as soon as you look at her. 

We went on our first vacation as a family of 3 and Halle dipped her feet in the ocean for the first time. (Please tell me this is the most darling baby in a swim suit you have ever seen!). The Oregon coast was delighful. For  full run down of this trip, hop over to my sisters corner of the internet, here

Halle went to her first BYU game! (and has since gone to another). She loves the games - probably something to do with all of the action/music/noise. She usually sleeps through one quarter and then is all smiles for the rest of the game. No doubt she will be a cougar fan. Rise and Shout!

Oh and I had to include this picture of our cute girl in her blessing dress.

A few firsts not pictured...

-I had my first day (which is now month) back at work. Although it's hard to leave baby girl it's nice to be back

-Halle has enjoyed her first Solid foods. The looks on her face - classic!

-Halle has also rolled front to back and back to front, and manages to scoot all over her crib while sleeping.

-Shane enjoyed golfing this summer - and I think he beat my dad for his first time. Shane says that it was a bad day for my dad and good day for him...

-We spent a delightful few weeks getting to visit Shyler and Britt (Shane's Brother and family) this summer. We loved seeing them and are excited for them to move a bit closer... maybe? (do you know where you are going yet?) 

-Halle and I spent a day downtown with my mom and brother - Halle took her first tour of the Lion House and enjoyed a day of shopping at City Creek. 

19 July 2012


For those of you who didn't get an announcement and wish you did here you go...
and for those who got one and wish you didn't... too bad. 


thanks Michelle for making them - you rock! 
I am super envious of your mad photoshop skillz

18 June 2012

Meet Halle

Halle DeMill

Born June 7, 2012 @ 4:05 PM
6 lbs 15 oz
21 inches long

We are in love!

06 June 2012

40 weeks

40 weeks - the 1 and only "on purpose" picture
I decided that now that this pregnancy is almost over I should document a few things about it. Just so that I don't forget. 

How far along? 40 weeks 
Due date: 6/7/12
Total weight gain/loss: +12-15 lbs depending on what time of day you weigh me
Maternity clothes? I added a "belly band" to my regular clothes around 12 weeks, Maternity pants around 20 weeks, then did the full switch to maternity clothes around 25 weeks. BEST DECISION EVER!
Sleep: …sleep what is that? My first 2-4 hours are pretty solid, but then i wake 2-4 times to use the restroom, or switch sides. 3 pillows is the minimum each night. I have been known to use 4 plus a body pillow. 
Best moments: When we got to see your cute "fetal pole" and then multiple ultrasounds as you've grown. You've been pretty stubborn and uncooperative for a few of them - lets hope it's just a phase. Love feeling you move around (the other day you put your hand through my belly button and I could see your cute hand print).
Food cravings: for the first few weeks I ONLY wanted to eat oranges and drink orange juice. But that came to an end about 20 weeks (see symptoms below). My sweet tooth has grown, especially for things like sweettarts, sour patch kids, or anything else sour. And fries from McD's I could eat every. single. day. no problem. 
Movement: First felt you move around 18 weeks and you've been a mover ever since. Your favorite time to let us know you're there is between 11pm-2am. 
Symptoms: I was a little bit sick at first - but I consider myself one of the lucky few who don't really get "morning sickness". Around 20 weeks my gall bladder filled with junk and pooped out. We discovered this after I started throwing up blood and all kinds of other goodness and had a ultrasound of my gall bladder. I had to cut out a bunch of foods like citrus foods and anything greasy (which as I said above killed my OJ obsession ... and I only slightly cut down on the fries). Then around 32 weeks I broke out in hives all down my arms, legs, and belly. After a visit to the derm. it was determined that I am allergic to being pregnant (yay!) so I've been taking a Claritin and putting steroid cream on every day. It looks better, but still itches like crazy.
Labor Signs: Braxton Hicks started a few weeks ago... but nothing worth really counting. Obviously you're enjoying your time inside me. So there hasn't been much else going on. 
Stretch Marks: OH YES! I have nice thick red lines down my entire belly (not just below the belly button... how I got them so high I'd like to know), my sides, and down my legs to about my knees. Stretch mark cream doesn't work for me - I put it on religiously 2x every day. 
Swelling? Not too bad. My feet look like elephant stumps by the end of the day if I walk too much. I switched to flip flops only when I broke out in hives because my feet itched like crazy if I put shoes on - and they never went away
Belly Button in or out? Out. Completely Out. It's been described as a "alien" "a whole 'nother baby" and "freak of nature". A bandaid does an OK job holding it down. 
What I miss: Being able to walk like normal. Drinking a giant glass of water without it leading to 5 pee sessions in an hour. Sushi - we will be getting some soon! But honestly I wouldn't trade any of the crazy things that have happened for the world... even if it meant I was an itchy mess for the entire pregnancy. 
What I am looking forward to: Meeting you little girl. We've been waiting a long time for you - and we'd like to meet you sooner than later.