22 December 2007

Leg Lamp LOVE!

You guessed it! We are now the proud owners of a beautiful Leg Lamp! Michelle found them at the Weberbook store and i had to have one! So since she is a bookstore employee she got a killer deal on it, and i'm happy to be the recipient! I can't wait until next year...maybe we will put it in our front window! If any of you want to come check it out you are always invited to drop by! Even if its after christmas i'll pull it out for you! Shane is obvioiusly excited for it... i'm worried i might come home to him rubbing it those nights i work! (only kidding). anyways.. we thought you might enjoy our new christmas LOVE!

More Fun with Flat!

Flat Stanley had fun at work with me. He hung out with the babies in the NICU for awhile. When 1 am hit we let him take a little nap with this cute little girl!
Then his BILI was a little high...so he got a little light treatment to help bring that down.
We thought it would be fun to see how much he weighed....not much at all!! .1oz!
He got an IV. And got a little Oxygen.
All in all Flat Stanley had fun at work with me... and the people at work had fun with him!!

06 December 2007

Fun with Flat Stanley

Have you ever read the story book Flat Stanley? if not.. you should! Its about a boy that get flattens. He travels the world in an envelope visiting people and getting to see it all! Annabelle sent her Flat Stanley to EvaJean.. and we took Flat Stanley for the week to introduce him to the wonderful land of Provo!
We started to taking him to the BYU bookstore to get him some new clothes!(I hope you dont' mind Annabelle) Flat Stanley clearly loved the bookstore and fit in GREAT in his new clothes! I think he looks great! Unfortunately Flat Stanley didn't like going to class with me!

Flat Stanley is clearly a BYU fan. We took him to check out Lavell Edwards Stadium so he could see where the fantastic BYU cougars play! He is anxiously awaiting the LasVegas bowl so he can cheer the Cougs to VICTORY!!

We stopped to take a picture by the cougar outside the stadium.
Flat Stanley fit in great!
Flat stanley went with me to work and looks great in a pair of scrubs! We are excited to take Flat Stanley on more adventures this week!

01 December 2007

It's Beginning to Look alot like Christmas!

Its Christmas time again! And we are excited!! We actually put our tree up right before Thanksgiving(I know before thanksgiving is a bad thing for some people i was just too excited to leave it in the box anylonger!). I got these fantastic stockings last weekend. Shane thinks that i'm CRAZY for loving them.. but i do! His is the one with the fir on top and the Jinglebells down it! Mine has the fantastic belt buckle and buttons on it! I LOVE IT! I think everyone should have stockings with personality! even if it is a funky personality!
Shane LOVED decorating our Christmas tree! He loves all the flowers.. and twigs that stick out of it. He especially loves that all the ornaments are lime green and red!! it doesn't get much better than that! We call the elf on our tree 'shane' because i think it looks like him... you have to agree with me! He's a cute little elf! If shane could just grow a white beard I'd put him in my tree too! but until he is an old man i'll just have to use the little elf!Shaney Elfie!

It snowed today!! i tried to get a picture....but I failed! you can kinda see a little bit of snow at the bottom of the picture...but not much else! I guess I shouldn't expect much better for a picture taken at 9:00pm!

30 November 2007

I got Elfed!!

We got elfed! Check it out.


and if you want to see the 3 DeMill brothers who got elfed visit

We hope you enjoy!

24 November 2007

Family Pictures

November 18, 2007
Last sunday we had our family picture taken for our Christmas Card. Now you might be thinking what a fantastic picture this is -- but little do you know the work that it went to go get it this way. First we were too bunched up, then we were too far apart. Then it looked too posed...IT WAS MADNESS. We were all laughing and making weird faces finally we got it right. What you see here is the product of a fun afternoon trying to get a good family picture!
Parker and Alex
Me and Michelle -- after taking this picture i decided my
hair was way too blond and i've decided i need to get it colored!

29 October 2007

DeMill Halloween Party

Halloween Party- Sunday October 28, 2007

On sunday we went to Lynn and Eva Jean's for a fun Halloween party. We kicked the party off with a homemade chili and chicken noodle soup dinner. It was delicious. Then we changed into our halloween costumes to show off our scary sides. Then we played pin the mouth on the ghost(which everyone cheated on) then bobbed for apples.

After bobbing for apples we ate doughnuts off of a string. We finished the night off with desert. We had peanut butter bars and sugar cookies!

I Want my Burger to Sizzle!


10 October 2007

Conference Weekend

CONFERENCE WEEKEND - October 6-7, 2007 Conference weekend is all about watching T.V. (conference of course). Hanging out with family, eating a big breakfast, lounging around in your P.J.'s, and just relaxing. Shane obviously has the relaxing part down. He fell asleep between sessions (as any true DeMill would do) and slept until the start of the next session! I spent saturday at my Grandma Pulley's house with my mom, sister, aunts, and cousins cleaning and decorating. Grandma remodeled her kitchen about a month ago and was having a hard time getting everything put back together.. SO.. she went out of town and we came to get it all together while she was gone.

Michelle made all the curtains for her house. She spent the whole day sewing.. while the rest of us got the honor of going through boxes!
This a good photo to show some of the maddness...

Parker just wanted to have a picture of him on our blog.. so here it is...

Shane and Lynn ended up in the same place and position on the floor sunday after noon while reading the sunday paper. From the look on their faces i'm guessing they found no great deals!

Grandma Mada and Ariana enjoyed conference together.
Shad and Davin hanging out at Grandma Mada's

We feel so lucky to get to spend a weekend with our families and listen to the Prophet and General Authorites. We hope you all had a great conference weekend!!

13 September 2007

Labor Day

This Labor day we spent lots of time with our families. We met the Pulley Family up at silver lake for lunch. We had a little picnic - then walked around the lake. We saw lots of little fish and other little creatures! After our walk we went over to the DeMill's and had a BBQ with them. It is always fun to be with family!

Megan, Michelle, Grandma Dixie, Jade, Alaina, Jessica

30 August 2007

Summer Fun

CALIFORNIA - July 2007

The WHOLE Hill clan made it to california for a family reunion this year! We went to Big Tree's Park, a Cave, and a few other cool sights in Northern California. My Cousin got married in the Sancramento Temple while we were there! It was fun to see everyone and play with the cousins!

This picture was taken on top of a tree that was cut down. It was made a stage for an exibit, a dance floor, and a bowling alley. Now it is just a dead tree perfect for taking a large family picture on!

Big Tree's State Park. This picture is of a tree that tipped over, we are standing on the roots. The Redwood tree's are hallow in the middle and the roots are only about 8 feet deep and spread out over an acre. Each tree has about ten inches of bark to protect it from fires and bugs! (the pointless facts you learn when you go to a national forest!)

WE TOPPED TIMP! August 2007

We started Hiking a little after noon. Luckily for us the day was nice-and it was pretty overcast! It was a great hike up - unfortunately it was much longer than we thought it would be! We made it to Emerald Lake and set up our tent to spend the night. Then we headed up towards to peak. We made it to the saddle about the time the sun was getting ready to set! Maybe we will do it again next year - as a day trip

29 August 2007

Well Hello Family
We decided it would be fun to have a blog to keep you all up to date with the ongoings of our lives. Shane went back to school this last week and I will be going back next week. We are both excited to get back. Shane is looking forward to only having two more semesters left before graduation. Things are going well for us! We hope you all are doing well!