30 August 2007

Summer Fun

CALIFORNIA - July 2007

The WHOLE Hill clan made it to california for a family reunion this year! We went to Big Tree's Park, a Cave, and a few other cool sights in Northern California. My Cousin got married in the Sancramento Temple while we were there! It was fun to see everyone and play with the cousins!

This picture was taken on top of a tree that was cut down. It was made a stage for an exibit, a dance floor, and a bowling alley. Now it is just a dead tree perfect for taking a large family picture on!

Big Tree's State Park. This picture is of a tree that tipped over, we are standing on the roots. The Redwood tree's are hallow in the middle and the roots are only about 8 feet deep and spread out over an acre. Each tree has about ten inches of bark to protect it from fires and bugs! (the pointless facts you learn when you go to a national forest!)

WE TOPPED TIMP! August 2007

We started Hiking a little after noon. Luckily for us the day was nice-and it was pretty overcast! It was a great hike up - unfortunately it was much longer than we thought it would be! We made it to Emerald Lake and set up our tent to spend the night. Then we headed up towards to peak. We made it to the saddle about the time the sun was getting ready to set! Maybe we will do it again next year - as a day trip

29 August 2007

Well Hello Family
We decided it would be fun to have a blog to keep you all up to date with the ongoings of our lives. Shane went back to school this last week and I will be going back next week. We are both excited to get back. Shane is looking forward to only having two more semesters left before graduation. Things are going well for us! We hope you all are doing well!