30 November 2007

I got Elfed!!

We got elfed! Check it out.


and if you want to see the 3 DeMill brothers who got elfed visit

We hope you enjoy!

24 November 2007

Family Pictures

November 18, 2007
Last sunday we had our family picture taken for our Christmas Card. Now you might be thinking what a fantastic picture this is -- but little do you know the work that it went to go get it this way. First we were too bunched up, then we were too far apart. Then it looked too posed...IT WAS MADNESS. We were all laughing and making weird faces finally we got it right. What you see here is the product of a fun afternoon trying to get a good family picture!
Parker and Alex
Me and Michelle -- after taking this picture i decided my
hair was way too blond and i've decided i need to get it colored!