13 December 2008

special delivery...

On Black Friday Shane and I had this baby delivered...Yes -- it is a baby grand piano. It was a little bit nerve wracking to watch 2 men lift it up the stairs to the front of the house and put it together! Shane and I are both super excited to have it here -- we both wish we were better players! I've neglected to post it on here for a few reasons... #1: Sometimes I feel like I brag on my blog... and I hate it! I felt like posting about this would be a BIG brag... but after some friends at work kept asking about it, and some neighbors had seen it, I figured it was time to post. #2: I didn't have any pictures of it (lame excuse I know) and #3: I've decided to use google analytics to get the stats on my blog (boring I know) and I wanted to see if a new post increased my ratings... we will see. Anyway. If anyone is just dying to come play it they are more than welcome to stop by any time (we can't guarantee we will be home.. but feel free to stop by)

25 November 2008


You may remember a few weeks ago Shane and I decided to do this...The beautiful 1/2 wall the separated our "front room" from our family room disappeared. As you may remember I didn't love the wall because I felt like I had 2 of the exact same room. honestly... who uses a front room? Some use them when the home teachers come over or when they have prestigious guests- but we don't even use it for either of those purposes (we don't get guests of such prestigious nature that they should have their own room)! So out the wall came... out came the carpet, base molds, and cold air return. In came the mess of a little Do-It-Yourself(DIY) project... After we moved the cold air return and painted (I'm sad that my black wall had to go...but I just couldn't imagine that much black) we got to work on the floors. My Grandma, Uncle Jeff, Aunt Julie, My Mom, Shane, and I had a BLAST putting the hardwood in. (a big thanks to all of them!) We were kicked out of our house for a few days while someone came in and finished the floors and we returned to this...Well.. almost that... After they finished the floors we moved the furniture out of the kitchen and into their appropriate spots and then took the above picture. I must say that I LOVE it! Having the room open is FANTASTIC! We highly recommend it to anyone who is considering it. Since this picture was taken we have hung curtains, pictures, and started work on some pillows. YAHOO! our project is done.. I promised Shane I wouldn't dream up another DIY project for at least 2 years... we will see.P

20 November 2008

a little update!

Well my friends... I've officially decided that I am one of the worst bloggers ever . Sometimes I'm good at updating on a regular basis but I feel like most of my life is so uneventful that there is no point in updating you on my daily life. Maybe one day when I feel my life is slightly more adventuresome I'll update you.
For those of you who are wondering what happened with our little construction project we started at the beginning on October I'm happy to inform you that we are pretty much finished! I've dusted my house at least 4 times and I am still finding dust everywhere! I will post pictures soon! I've promised a few people I would get them up by tomorrow (November 21) so stay tuned for photo's of the new and improved DeMill household!

28 October 2008

Happy Halloween!

On Sunday We had a little Halloween Party with the DeMill Family. Of course the kiddos come dressed up in their finest Halloween attire - and we did what we do best - PARTY!! Of course we always kick off the gathering with a little food (for this festive occasion we had Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup and Chili - with bread sticks and other Delicious things that filled our belly's completely!

For Dessert we had this scrumptious little treat - It was my contribution to the party! Yes to the naked eye it looks like a jack-o-lantern but the truth is-- it is cake.
I was just going to make a plain ole pumpkin cake but Shane got the grand idea to put a face on it! I must admit I think it looks fantastic! We only ate about 1/2 of it (not because it wasn't so delicious we couldn't stop eating... but because it takes 2 cake mixes to make the thing... so we have lots of cake if anyone needs some).

And what party would be complete with out a little bit of doughnuts on a string...

and bobbing for apples!

Good times were had by all!


15 October 2008

Ode to the Sunfire...

When Shane got home from his mission in 2004 he was blessed with the opportunity to have a car to drive around. He got this GREAT pontiac sunfire!
I asked Shane a few questions about the car.. and here are his answers...

1:Tell me about your car.
-It is a 1996 Pontiac Sunfire Sedan 2.2L. It is about 15 miles away from crossing the 200,000 mile on the odometer.

2:When did you get it?
"I got the car not to long after the mission. I was driving my parents old pontiac grand am. Shad and Jenn had the sunfire and they were going to get rid of it because they just got a minivan. So it was between a couple weeks after to the mission to a couple of months. I cant remember which."

3: Who had the car before you? Multiple Owner?
"Shad and Jenn had the car before they gave it to me. My parents sold there pontiac grand am and gave Shad and Jenn the money for it and then i took the sunfire. I believe jenn bought it used from someone, i dont know who."

4:What is something good about your car?
The good thing about the car is that it has lasted for awhile and gets good gas mileage (about 30+ depending on my driving), and it got me places that i needed to be.

5: What is something you don't like about your car?
I didnt like that the fuel injectors leaked fuel, nor did i like that the A/C was out for the last 3 summers/ nor did i like the volume knob on the radio, because it had to be turned just right to change the volume, and if you didnt do it right it wouldall the sudden get really loud and blow your ears out. I cant think of anything else for the moment, so i will move on.

6: What will you miss?
I think that i will miss the gas mileage a little bit. But the fact of having a truck out weighs that by a lot. I might miss the stick shift once in a while, but probably not.

So based on the last question you can tell that we decided it was time to move on -- and THIS is what we got! Shane LOVES it (maybe more than he loves me)!

(Please try to ignore the scootie and enjoy the beautiful truck Shane gets the opportunity to drive) It is a 2009 Toyota Tacoma -- If you need more details you will have to ask Shane! So if you know anyone that is just dying to have a little Sunfire that needs a little work... give them our number... we'd be more than happy to help them out!

13 October 2008

The newest addition!

Meet the newest arrival to the DeMill family! Coy Randall DeMill - our nephew! We are excited to know that him and mom are doing well and can't wait to meet him... hopefully in the next year (He is in Ohio)! Congrats Shy and Britt (and Emery, Addie, and Dashle)!!!

09 October 2008

I love handbags!

The truth of the story is I love purses!! It seems that I can ALWAYS find one I 'need' even if I only got one a few weeks ago. So for any of you who are just as obsessed with handbags as I am you might want to check this out http://www.handbagplanet.com .

08 October 2008

Word Tag...

So... basically because I feel a little bit guilty about not posting for over a week... and nothing eventful has happened in our lives - including no progress on our little construction project - I'm doing this little word post. I know when you came to this page you were hoping to find something exciting but unfortunately NO - instead you are going to waste the next minute of your life reading a post that will do nothing for you ... so enjoy!

1. Where is your cell phone? broken
2. Where is your significant other? working
3. Your hair? done
4. Your mother? fantastic
5. Your father? great
6. Your favorite thing? sleep
7. Your dream last night? forgotten
8. Your dream/goal? eternity
9. The room you're in? cubicle
10. Your hobby? home
11. Your fear? disappointment
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? busy
13. Where were you last night? out
14. What you're not? crazy
15. One of your wish list items? floor
16. Where you grew up? Murray
17. The last thing you did? wrote
18. What you're wearing? professional
19. Your TV? hiding
20. Your pet? chomper
21. Your computer? slow/broken
22. What do you think of tags like this? difficult
23. Your mood? bored
24. Missing someone? no
25. Where would you rather be? home
26. Something you're not wearing right now? skirt
27. Favorite store? AnnTaylor
28. Your summer? fast
29. Love someone? Shaney
30. Favorite color? Blue
31. The last time you laughed? earlier
32. Who will participate? unknown

25 September 2008

a little road trip

Yesterday my co-worker, Sarah, and I went on a little trip to Roosevelt, Utah. I jut thought I'd include some of the highlights of the trip for those of you who wish to visit this little town sometime!- We WAS in Roosevelt

-Laughing for 11 hours non-stop

-Eating all day

-Talking about Physical Activity and Nutrition -- then eating Fried food and Icecream

-Waiting 20 minutes for a map that would get us NOWHERE

-Trying to figure out the mini-van doors... and opening and closing the windows instead

-Driving in the wrong direction for 20 minutes...then driving back

-Prank Calls

-Being in the city with the 2nd highest amount of gang activity in the state of Utah

-Being TOTALLY out of place (you know this when you ask "so do you have a mall?" or "don't you feel bad when you have to kill your pet cow?"

-2 'city slickers' eating lunch with a bunch of 'country bumpkins'

-"What happens in the caravan stays in the caravan"

-Almost running out of gas


-Getting checked up on...

I hope you enjoyed reading about our little trip as much as we loved taking it! If every road trip is like this one... I think I'll go on a road trip EVERY week!

22 September 2008

DeMill Demolition

This weekend we made it official! We took down the 1/2 wall between the front room and our family room. I had always felt like it was the same room two times... so out the wall came so we could expand our family room to be BIG ole room for everyone to enjoy! Shane started the demo. on Friday evening... We just took the sheet rock off so we could see how the electrical wires ran and what not... and what did we find...
a little suprise from the man who was finishing up the sheetrock. I'd like to believe that he accidentally left this can in the wall and thought that one day when the house was 100 years old someone would find it and this precious can would be worth thousands of dollars because noone would have a Pepsi can from the year 2004- but my instincts tell me that he was just too lazy to get up and walk over to one of the many garbage piles laying around to throw the can away. So many suprises tha await when you start taking down walls!
On Saturday shane finished the demo. and a neighbor came over to show Shane what to do with the wires that we need for electrical plugs and such!
and I learned that when you take down a wall you get a GREAT BIG mess!!
Saturday evening was spent pulling up carpet.... and sweeping up the nails and staples that were left behind!
So here is what my house looks like right now... so for anyone that wants to come over and visit... I suggest you have a good pair of shoes and a face mask(to protect from dust)!!!

20 September 2008

Sweet Ride

Yesterday(September 19) I had the opportunity to drive up to Logan for work - and since I would be going on state business I got to take a state car... but because of our fun new 4/10s work schedule I got to get a car through enterprise!! I got to enterprise and they told me I would be driving a PT cruiser. I'll be honest I was a little bit bummed about this -- I mean seriously. They look like mini-Hurst's and I always laugh when I see one on the road. But I was ok with it since it meant I wouldn't have to spend my own gas to drive up there.Then the guy behind the counter asked me if I wouldn't mind driving something a little bit bigger for the same price. My mind jumped with excitement. I was thinking I was going to get a civic or maybe an Accord... but no I got this...
a 2008 Toyota Tundra - double cab - V8 - bright blue
I immediately called Shane who seemed a little bit jealous that i was going to be spending the day in this monsterous truck and he would be stuck at work behind a desk. I must admit that the truck was nice - but I probably would have preferred a littler car for the following reasons. 1- I drive a small car so I had to adjust to driving this monster. 2- It was a little bit BIG for me...I felt so small getting into and out of and just plain ole driving it. 3- The color was not exactly fabulous-I'm sure you've all seen a bright colored car driving down the street - you just can't get your eyes off them!! 4- Trucks and tight freeway lanes because of construction are not exactly friends!
Now for those of you that have considered buying this truck - I'm not sure I would recommend it to you. The dash is HUGE and if you are driving by yourself the radio is practically on the passenger side of the car (not good for short people with short arms). There are also no cup holders on the drivers side - you would have to reach over the massive center console right next to the passenger seat to grab your beverage. I also noticed that the truck didn't handle the bumps on the road very well and started to shake when I hit about 80 (please remember I was headed to Logan so the freeway speed limit was 75... so I was only slightly speeding and not driving recklessly!!!) i did like that the air conditioning was perfectly placed for the driver... and the seats were rather comfortable... and I got to make Shane jealous for the 8 hours I was driving this beautiful blue monster!!

07 September 2008

Do You Wonder?

Do you ever wonder what your kids will look like?? If you are shaking your head saying "why yes"... I found the solution!! www.makemebabies.com If you are wondering what our kids are going to look like we've got a sneak preview for you!
Boy -- at least he smiles! I guess we are hoping that his hair goes brown.
And girl -- she must get her hair color from both of us...and brown eyes like me! Unfortunately no blue eyes like shane.
I hope you all enjoyed that little sneak peak -- It took me about 8 different computer generations to get a girl with hair!! It was light and curly the first time -- then I got girls that had braded hair (looked like a homeles girl) girls with hats and scarves, even in a duck outfit. I think if I had to try that many times to have a normal looking child...I can't imagine what real life will bring!

17 August 2008

Rise and Shout the Cougars are out!

I GRADUATED! and i am so excited about it! I thought I'd share a few pictures with all. Above is me by the sign I think everyone gets their picture taken by!
These are my parents (and me in the middle of course)! A big Muchas Gracias to them for all of the love and support they have given me the last four years. I couldn't do it without you! It was fun to graduate from the same exact same college my dad graduated from.
Me and Shaney Baby! a big shout out Gracias to him also - thanks for putting up with me through tests, finals, papers, and all the other things I had to do. Love you!
Grandma, Michelle, Mom, Me and Dad
So I know you are supposed to get a photo infront of this sign also - but - it was hot, i would have had to walk accross the street, and there was a long line of people. So I just stood accross the street and smiled - I figured it was pretty much the same thing.

I should also let you know another eventful event that happened with graduation. When I went to pick up my cap and gown the alumni association grabbed me to go spin this wheel to see if I could win something - and I did - I got to put my name in a drawing for all kids of cool prizes. They were giving away computers, IPods, BYU gear, and all kinds of fabulous things any BYU grad would LOVE to get their hands on. SO - I got a call from the alumni association the message went something like this "Hi this is (insert name here) from the BYU alumni association. We are calling to inform Jessica that she has won a mini ....(long pause).... football helmet signed by John Beck...yada yada yada" I'll be honest I was kind of expecting mini ipod or something to follow the mini - football helmet was not quite what I was dying to win. Shane is excited about the winning -- he thinks we are going to save it and not even take it out of the package so when the good John Beck gets into the NFL hall of fame we can get LOTS of money for it. We will see..

01 August 2008

It's a Small World

In addition to my last post on our Disneyland trip - I had to add this little tid bit. I LOVE It's a Small World. Yes the ride always had that little hint of old water and mold in the air - but I just can't resist going on it at least 3 times while I'm at Disneyland! The dancing dolls just leave you feeling all warm and cozy inside!

Unfortunately this ride was closed for our little vacation - and will be for quite some time. The Disney workers told us they were giving the ride a facelit (which I must admit was needed). they also told us they had to close it down because too many boats were getting STUCK on the ride. The reason you may ask - FAT PEOPLE! No I am not kidding - boats were hitting the bottom and getting stuck because people were weighing them down. As I looked around at all the people at Disneyland I was not suprised! Extra Extra Extra large people sitting (barely) on a bench enjoying their Ice Cream, Chicken leg, and Cotton Candy. So I'm calling out to the fat people of America to put the food down so that my favorite rides at Disneyland don't have to be closed! Thankyou.

31 July 2008

The week of a million Dreams

Yes it is true. We went to the place where dreams come true during the year of a million dreams! It was absolutely magical! The whole park is decorated to fantastically - right down to the tinkerbell who waves her magic wand making the big Mickey face at the front of the park start to glisten! Shane had not been to the great Disneyland since we was 12 so it was fun to experience the magic with him! Some of our favorites included the new Toy Story ride in California Adventure, the Buzz lightyear ride (which Shane has been made the master of in our family), BIG pickles, peterpan, Soarin' over California (for everyone but Shane who got sick every time we rode it), and of course screamin'. OH and now that i've started making a list I feel like I could just keep going - so basically everything was our favorite! Thanks to Mom who planned such a wonderful magical week for the family! (you may notice that Dad and Alex are not in the pictures - that is because they are in New York because Alex's super league baseball team is playing in the coopers town tounament. GO MURRAY SLAM!) Me and Shane at the park entrance!
Me, Mom, Parker, and Michelle at the park entrance
The Mysterious Parker Hill. We love the mad hatter because you get to try on all kinds of funny hats! Its great to try them all on - take your picture - and not have to buy them!
Thunder Mountain Railroad "Scenic Photo Spot" Parker looks like he is about to die! I think Disneyland started to rub off on us - we started to look like the characters!Everyone has to get a picture in the Tea Cup -- but not everyone has to ride the Tea Cups!
Captain Shane Sparrow
WE GOT DREAM PASSES! you may be wondering what is so fabulous about this - well let me tell you. They give 500 of these out during the first 15 minutes the park is open. They have 2 park employees that stand in an area that people don't usually go. If you find them you get one of these passes - it's a fast pass to every ride in the park. You just go to the front of the line - tear off the pass for that ride and you are good to go. You don't have to use them at a certain time - and you can use them for 2 days!! So we used them one day in California Adventure and one day in Disneyland and didn't hve to wait in a single line! We were so excited!
Look at those funny bugs - "It's tough to be a bug"
GOOFY! He designed this picture - we don't usually pose like this I promise!
please notice Mom is grabbing Michelle's leg.
Parker and I both talked to Crush! Did you know that Crush's favorite color is green, and you can tell the difference between a boy and girl turtle because boys have tails and girls don't. Crush also likes Princess Jasmine and all of the other princesses.
In Tomorrow Land (should be yesterday land) we got to ride the segway in the futuristic house. We also rode autotopia in tomorrow land - it was decidedly everyones LEAST favorite ride.
While we rode the segway Parker played video games (you had to be 16 to ride it)
Splash Mountain! Zip-a-dee-do-dah and find your laughing place.
We got thrown in Jail for having too much fun - but we broke out!
On our last night we ate at the Blue Bayou (Thanks Britt for the spelling). It was our favorite meal of the trip. It was so cool to sit inside the pirates ride - although you don't really notice that people are going on a ride right next to you. The food was FABULOUS! I had salmon with this great glaze on it, my mom had steak, michelle had ribs, shane had...I don't remember, and Parker had salmon like me! It is true that it's expensive - but I highly recommend it to everyone at least once in their life time!
Over all we had a great time! We hope all of you have a year of a million dreams too!