29 January 2008


On Saturday the South Elders Quorum had a little fun shooting down in Payson, Utah! About 25 guys(and a few of their wives) came down and we had a good time!! There were Shotguns, 22's, and some deer hunting gun - I'm not sure what it was!! Shane and I also took our handguns. I think the people in our ward are a little bit scared of us - after all we did supply 1/2 of the guns at the activity!!! Over all It was fun to get out and shoot!
For the activity we bought a trap! It was kinda nice to not have to throw all the skeet by hand. Shane is pretty excited about this new little toy - so if you ever want to get out and shoot at the orange disks in the sky call us and we'll be there!!!

More pictures!! lots of fun!

28 January 2008

Its time to...

Stand a Little Taller, To Rise a Little Higher, To Be a Little Better!
-President Hinckley
With the passing of President Hinckley I thought it would only be appropriate to share with you all our feelings at this time. When we heard the news we were shocked! President Hinckley is the prophet of my youth - and I can't imagine it any other way! He gave us great counsel and inspiration. I hope that each of us can look to him as an example of how we should live our lives. He was dedicated, full of gratitude, faithful, happy, and above all a great example of our Savior! We know that the Church is true and are excited for a new chapter to begin!

08 January 2008

A little Christmas (and post Christmas) Update

This Year Shane and I had a FANTASTIC Christmas! I was lucky to have the holiday off this year so we enjoyed lots of time with our families. On Christmas Eve we went to Nick and Marylynn's house to spend time with the Pulley Family. As always there was more food than we could eat....but somehow it found its way to our plates...to our mouths... and to our tummies... until we felt sick! We went back to my parents house where we watched the movie Joy to the World. It reminded us of the reason we celebrate Christmas and helped us remember our Savior and the wonderful things he has done for us. Christmas day was as exciting as ever. I was excited to get a new iPod nano, clothes, movies, and other exciting things. Shane was excited to get clothes, bullets, and a gun safe (to keep his pride and joy from being put in the wrong hands!) Alex and Parker got an XBox 360 and rock band. Needless to say we spent a good chunk of the day "rocking out"!! We went to the DeMill's that evening and had some Christmas dinner and got to spend sometime with them. It was fun to see all the nieces and nephews excited about the things they got and to share them with us! We felt very fortunate this Christmas and hope you all had a great one too!! I got to get together with some of my BESTEST friends from MHS this past weekend. We met up at Mimi's Cafe for a little lunch and to catch up on each others lives. It was crazy to see how much our lives have changed over the past few years. It was fun to reminisce about our crazy high school days ad all the fun things we did together.

I thought I'd post a little something I made with the vinyl cutter i got for my birthday. It's a fun little present that keeps my free time BUSY!

It snowed this weekend... and we came home one night to find this HUGE snowman in front of our apt. It's probably 2x the size of me. I had to take a picture of it... i found it fascinating and hope you find it that way too!