21 February 2008

The Top 10

I thought I'd take a minute to share with you the top ten reasons Shane and I are OVER living in an apartment - although it does have it's perks sometimes 10- You never have to worry about the laundry not getting done-because it's always in your way
9-The neighbors are sometimes more like ELEPHANTS!!
8-The peace of knowing there are 8 registered sex offenders living accross the street. (thank heaven my husband believes in "personal defense mechanisms")
7-Parking - one space per appartment. The rest - first come first serve!
6- Even with two bedrooms you can never have too much storage!
5- Coat closet, Food Storage, Camping Gear, Ironing Board, and Toilet Paper all in one convenient location!!
4 - 850 square feet of luxurious shag carpet and 70's linoleum and counters!
3- At least it only takes a few hours to 'deep clean' on Saturday
2-The soothing sounds of a rumbling train ever 20 minutes throughout the night!
and finally
1- The number one reason we love living in our apartment is that our hands are getting a really good workout scrubbing the dishes lately!! It's time to invest in some dish soap that doesn't make your hands feel like sandpaper!

Ariana Discovered Her Tongue

A few weeks ago at Family Home Evening with the DeMill Family we caught Ariana sucking on her tongue. She has never loved her binki - but LOVES her tongue. So for all of our family who hasn't got to see this fabulous tongue sucking girl - here it is for you to enjoy!!

17 February 2008

Happy Valentines Day!

This year we did something a little different for Valentines day. We agreed not to get each other anything!! It was nice to not have to worry about getting something - but dont worry we still love each other! After school on Thursday I drove up to Murray to get my brothers home from school. My parents went to Costa Rica for the week so Shane and I spent the night with them. For dinner the 4 of us went to Jasons Deli (one of my favorite restaurants!). It was fun to spend Valentines day doing homework and having fun with my brothers. We hope you all had a great Valentines day too!!

05 February 2008


TAG! We are it!!
Mandi got us - and we will get you!
What’s His Name? Shane DeMill

How Long have you been together? humm... 2 years. We've been married 1 1/4 of those 2 years
How long did you date? 6 weeks before we were engaged :S
How old is he? Shane is 24 years OLD!
Who eats more? It depends on what we are eating - but usually Shane can put it down!
Who said I love you first? Me - it was a weird situation - We were hanging up the phone and i
just blurted out "alright talk to you later, love ya, bye!"
Who is taller? Me when i'm wearing 12 inch heels - but all other times- Shane
Who can sing better? The people at church probably wish we would both just not sing - but its probably me
Who is Smarter? without question Shane
Who does the laundry? I usually do the laundry - folding the laundry...thats usually Shane
Who pays the bills? I am the one who writes out the checks, mails them, and all that.. so i guess me!
Who mows the lawn? Well we have a fabulous landlord who does it! but if there was lawn to be mowed-Shane would do it!
Who makes dinner? I make dinner most of the time
Who sleeps on the right side? I sleep on the right side!!
Who is more stubborn? the two of us have pretty stubborn moments..but i think i'm more subborn.
Who asked who out first? Shane asked me out first
Who proposed? Shane did - I don't think i know any girls that have proposed
Who has more friends? We both have lots of friends. I keep in touch with more friends - but we both have friends.
Who has more siblings? Shane - by 1
Who is more sensitive? If you mean crying while watching 24 because Jack might die(even though he is on the cover of 3 later seasons) that would be me. If you are talking about getting upset about dumb little things that would be me. I guess over all I am the more sensitive person.
Who wears the pants? The pants are worn by both of us. Shane is the head of the family - and I am the neck that turns the head (thanks to 'my big fat greek wedding')
Now we TAG! Britt/Shyler, Jennifer/Shad, Sherece/Greg, Shaunie/Arne, Melissa/Todd and Michelle