18 March 2008

Home sweet Home

I just thought I'd post a picture of our HOUSE! Yup-we bought a house. We are super excited!!! Now we just have to get through closing and all the madness that happens in between now and then. We'll keep you updated on the process. YAY!!!

05 March 2008

The Newest Addition to the DeMill Family...

While you might be wondering why we have a stuffed animal dog as our new pet...its because he isn't a stuffed dog - he is the latest in fashion here in Provo! You guessed it. Fuzzy is a purse!
His legs are bendable...so sometimes he sit... Usually he is standing... and everyonce and awhile I put in in "attack" position! If you ever want to get some attention just get a fashionable purse like this and you can't imagine the looks you will get from people.

The best part about a dog like this is 1) he does not bark 2) you don't have to feed him 3) no vet to visit 4) he won't bite 5) he makes a great pillow when you are stuck in traffic!!

**for any of you who think I'm serious...stop thinking that! This purse was purchased as a joke - as Shane so kindly put it "if you spent more than $10 on that you wasted your money!"