14 April 2008

Scootie Fun!

This weekend we went on a little scooter ride with our friends up the the 'Y' . We were all suprised to make it up there - we thought our scooters would die about half way up the hill! The views were beautiful! we were all glad to be up there!
Todd and Melissa - on their scooter "Ricardo"
Me and Shane -- I forget how much shorter I am than him -- then i see a picture like this and I am quickly reminded! I was even standing on on rock in this picture!!
Great Sunset!

03 April 2008

Lethal Luau

On Saturday Shane and I hosted a Murder!! It was lots of fun. We invited 3 other couples from our ward - and a good time was had by all. We had Leilani, Chief WikiWiki, Les Baggs, Holly Day, Natasha Seymour, Joey Breakers, Birdie Putt, and Rip Tide!! I didn't take very many pictures but everyone cam decked out in the finest Hawaiian outfits. We'd tell you the outcome...but it might ruin the suprise when we decide to do it again!!

Council Reunion

Last Friday Shane and I went to a little reunion with a bunch of people Shane was on institute council with. It was fun to get to see everyone and catch up on their lives - I'm finally recognizing faces and remembering the ongoings of their lives. I think this was the first reunion with people's kids - and from the big bellies there will be plenty more at the next reunion!! It's always fun to catch up with old friends!