18 June 2008

Grandpa Sheppick

Shane's cute Grandpa Sheppick passed away monday afternoon. He was such a great example to us of how to work hard and have fun while doing it. He seemed to always have a smile on his face when we were together. We loved him lots and will miss him being around!

11 June 2008

And the pictures you've all been waiting for!

This is a picture of the front of our house... Beautiful I know. Since this picture was taken we (by we I mean Shane) have pruned the tree in the front so it looks like a tree instad of an oversized shrub that didn't know which direction to grow. We have loved getting to know our neighbors. the people that live just to the left of us are about our age and have an adorable little girl! other next door neighbors are an older couple - Interesting combination of neighbors huh!
When you walk through our front door this is what you will see. Grandma's beautiful blue couch made the journey with us!! Shane thinks it needs a cover -- I think it looks fine! After all we will only sit on it when the home teachers come! (yes I have done the laundry since this picture was taken)
If you walked through the front room you would run into this family room -- complete with black wall - entertainment center - couches -- and thats about it! I wish I had more time to decorate but until school is over this may be as good as it gets!
So if you decided not to stop in the family room you would proceed into this area... the kitchen. I love having enough counter space to actually cook something!! Our table will be replaced as soon as my real table is finished (The table pictured is a stand in until the real one is done... Which should be in about 2 weeks....I'll keep you posted)
Now if you decided you didn't want to see the first floor at all... you could come up stairs where you would find this bedroom. Complete with all the dolls from my childhood -- and other random treasures. If you wanted to come sleep at our house this would be the room you would sleep in! Thanks to Grandma for donating the dresser and bed to the cause of decorating our first little place.
Now you should know that we do have a master bedroom, and another room that right now has many reasons for being including storage room, computer room, the house of 1/2 of my clothes...and a few other random purposes -- but my computer is being stupid and won't let me up load those pictures so... Come visit yourself and see it all in real life!

My favorite Piece of Furniture

This is my favorite purchase we've made since we bought the house! Why you ask? Its because it looks fabulous against my black wall (yes I have a black wall). And It looks like just a plain old book shelf. But wait...
When you turn the TV on it automatically starts to raise out of the bottom part (as pictured above). So shane can have is big ole TV to watch his favorite games on... and when we arn't watching TV i can have an attractive piece of furnature! Just thought I'd share!

a little Wall DEMO!

One of the first things we did was knock down a wall -- not an important wall -- its the wall in our garage. My brothers have been asking to knock down a wall forever. This wall was goign to come out eventually anyway so we decided to knock it out with them. Now shane has another item on his honey-do list...fix the stair rail so I don't get slivers when I touch it!

More Scootie Fun!

Our Friends Kart and Laura and their two kids came to visit us at our new house. Of course the scootie was one of the highlights of the visit. I had this picture and thought i'd post it. When the rest of you come visit we will post your picture on our blog too. Then everyone will know who comes to see us... and who the slackers are!