31 July 2008

The week of a million Dreams

Yes it is true. We went to the place where dreams come true during the year of a million dreams! It was absolutely magical! The whole park is decorated to fantastically - right down to the tinkerbell who waves her magic wand making the big Mickey face at the front of the park start to glisten! Shane had not been to the great Disneyland since we was 12 so it was fun to experience the magic with him! Some of our favorites included the new Toy Story ride in California Adventure, the Buzz lightyear ride (which Shane has been made the master of in our family), BIG pickles, peterpan, Soarin' over California (for everyone but Shane who got sick every time we rode it), and of course screamin'. OH and now that i've started making a list I feel like I could just keep going - so basically everything was our favorite! Thanks to Mom who planned such a wonderful magical week for the family! (you may notice that Dad and Alex are not in the pictures - that is because they are in New York because Alex's super league baseball team is playing in the coopers town tounament. GO MURRAY SLAM!) Me and Shane at the park entrance!
Me, Mom, Parker, and Michelle at the park entrance
The Mysterious Parker Hill. We love the mad hatter because you get to try on all kinds of funny hats! Its great to try them all on - take your picture - and not have to buy them!
Thunder Mountain Railroad "Scenic Photo Spot" Parker looks like he is about to die! I think Disneyland started to rub off on us - we started to look like the characters!Everyone has to get a picture in the Tea Cup -- but not everyone has to ride the Tea Cups!
Captain Shane Sparrow
WE GOT DREAM PASSES! you may be wondering what is so fabulous about this - well let me tell you. They give 500 of these out during the first 15 minutes the park is open. They have 2 park employees that stand in an area that people don't usually go. If you find them you get one of these passes - it's a fast pass to every ride in the park. You just go to the front of the line - tear off the pass for that ride and you are good to go. You don't have to use them at a certain time - and you can use them for 2 days!! So we used them one day in California Adventure and one day in Disneyland and didn't hve to wait in a single line! We were so excited!
Look at those funny bugs - "It's tough to be a bug"
GOOFY! He designed this picture - we don't usually pose like this I promise!
please notice Mom is grabbing Michelle's leg.
Parker and I both talked to Crush! Did you know that Crush's favorite color is green, and you can tell the difference between a boy and girl turtle because boys have tails and girls don't. Crush also likes Princess Jasmine and all of the other princesses.
In Tomorrow Land (should be yesterday land) we got to ride the segway in the futuristic house. We also rode autotopia in tomorrow land - it was decidedly everyones LEAST favorite ride.
While we rode the segway Parker played video games (you had to be 16 to ride it)
Splash Mountain! Zip-a-dee-do-dah and find your laughing place.
We got thrown in Jail for having too much fun - but we broke out!
On our last night we ate at the Blue Bayou (Thanks Britt for the spelling). It was our favorite meal of the trip. It was so cool to sit inside the pirates ride - although you don't really notice that people are going on a ride right next to you. The food was FABULOUS! I had salmon with this great glaze on it, my mom had steak, michelle had ribs, shane had...I don't remember, and Parker had salmon like me! It is true that it's expensive - but I highly recommend it to everyone at least once in their life time!
Over all we had a great time! We hope all of you have a year of a million dreams too!

16 July 2008

a little 4th update...

For those of you are are anxiously awaiting a video of this years DeMill Family Slip-n-Slide extravaganza stay tuned! More to come in the near future - just give me a minute to make my life slightly less crazy!
This year the 4th of July was lots of fun. We started the day off by waking up at 6am. Shane and I headed off to Murray Park to save seats on the parade route. Yes it's true to get the great seats in the park you have to be there with all the white trash at 6am. After my family made it over (sometime in the 8:00 hour) we went over and got a bit of breakfast sponsored by the Murray Lyons Club! A must do for any of you who miss out on this - it's a family tradition I'd hate to be without. We watched the parade come - there were some pretty fantastic floats this year. I'm still amazed at the thousands(or so it seems) of banged up RMR(Rocky Mountain Raceway) cars are in the parade and how they think their cars are cool when indeed they are junky! After the parade we played some games in the park - after we were tired of the games we went to the good ole chuck-a-rama for lunch! Alex was excited about this decision. After the Chuck we went to the DeMill's for a great slip-n-slide! Alex and Parker joined us and are still talking about how much fun it was! We went to DeAnn's for a little BBQ then headed back to the park for fireworks! Great fun.
On Saturday we went to the west side of Utah lake to exercise our "right to bare arms" Enjoy the pictures of that adventure posted below
Parkie and Davin Peanut hanging out in the car looking for a little shade and eating a little junk food for the soul!
Alex, Parker, and Auliver enjoying the toasty morning with dirt and loud BANG's!
Alex, Michelle, and Parker after spending the morning with the guns... they obviously can't handle the power that comes with a gun. It makes them loopy! (j/k)
Michelle showing us her mad gun skills!
A few Shotguns and clay pigeons make for good time! (I only wish I could hit one)
Shane teaching Auliver how to shoot a shotgun - like me he doesn't love the shotgun. so much but he LOVES the 22 rifle
Me shooting my handgun - good times
Brothers having fun together -- good times.

We hope you all had a great 4th too!!

01 July 2008

We have a baby!

Yes it's true! Shane and I have a baby! Unfortunately for all of you it's not the baby you are all thinking about. It's a white bunny. No I didn't have a typo there we really have a bunny. His name was Sparticus for awhile but after some great suggestions from our family we have decided to name our little guy "American Chomper". We just call him Chomper...or Chompie most of the time. Shane's Brother Shyler and his wife Britt were the ones that came up with the name! I'll get a picture of our little guy up for you all to enjoy...I just need to take one first!