17 August 2008

Rise and Shout the Cougars are out!

I GRADUATED! and i am so excited about it! I thought I'd share a few pictures with all. Above is me by the sign I think everyone gets their picture taken by!
These are my parents (and me in the middle of course)! A big Muchas Gracias to them for all of the love and support they have given me the last four years. I couldn't do it without you! It was fun to graduate from the same exact same college my dad graduated from.
Me and Shaney Baby! a big shout out Gracias to him also - thanks for putting up with me through tests, finals, papers, and all the other things I had to do. Love you!
Grandma, Michelle, Mom, Me and Dad
So I know you are supposed to get a photo infront of this sign also - but - it was hot, i would have had to walk accross the street, and there was a long line of people. So I just stood accross the street and smiled - I figured it was pretty much the same thing.

I should also let you know another eventful event that happened with graduation. When I went to pick up my cap and gown the alumni association grabbed me to go spin this wheel to see if I could win something - and I did - I got to put my name in a drawing for all kids of cool prizes. They were giving away computers, IPods, BYU gear, and all kinds of fabulous things any BYU grad would LOVE to get their hands on. SO - I got a call from the alumni association the message went something like this "Hi this is (insert name here) from the BYU alumni association. We are calling to inform Jessica that she has won a mini ....(long pause).... football helmet signed by John Beck...yada yada yada" I'll be honest I was kind of expecting mini ipod or something to follow the mini - football helmet was not quite what I was dying to win. Shane is excited about the winning -- he thinks we are going to save it and not even take it out of the package so when the good John Beck gets into the NFL hall of fame we can get LOTS of money for it. We will see..

01 August 2008

It's a Small World

In addition to my last post on our Disneyland trip - I had to add this little tid bit. I LOVE It's a Small World. Yes the ride always had that little hint of old water and mold in the air - but I just can't resist going on it at least 3 times while I'm at Disneyland! The dancing dolls just leave you feeling all warm and cozy inside!

Unfortunately this ride was closed for our little vacation - and will be for quite some time. The Disney workers told us they were giving the ride a facelit (which I must admit was needed). they also told us they had to close it down because too many boats were getting STUCK on the ride. The reason you may ask - FAT PEOPLE! No I am not kidding - boats were hitting the bottom and getting stuck because people were weighing them down. As I looked around at all the people at Disneyland I was not suprised! Extra Extra Extra large people sitting (barely) on a bench enjoying their Ice Cream, Chicken leg, and Cotton Candy. So I'm calling out to the fat people of America to put the food down so that my favorite rides at Disneyland don't have to be closed! Thankyou.