25 September 2008

a little road trip

Yesterday my co-worker, Sarah, and I went on a little trip to Roosevelt, Utah. I jut thought I'd include some of the highlights of the trip for those of you who wish to visit this little town sometime!- We WAS in Roosevelt

-Laughing for 11 hours non-stop

-Eating all day

-Talking about Physical Activity and Nutrition -- then eating Fried food and Icecream

-Waiting 20 minutes for a map that would get us NOWHERE

-Trying to figure out the mini-van doors... and opening and closing the windows instead

-Driving in the wrong direction for 20 minutes...then driving back

-Prank Calls

-Being in the city with the 2nd highest amount of gang activity in the state of Utah

-Being TOTALLY out of place (you know this when you ask "so do you have a mall?" or "don't you feel bad when you have to kill your pet cow?"

-2 'city slickers' eating lunch with a bunch of 'country bumpkins'

-"What happens in the caravan stays in the caravan"

-Almost running out of gas


-Getting checked up on...

I hope you enjoyed reading about our little trip as much as we loved taking it! If every road trip is like this one... I think I'll go on a road trip EVERY week!

22 September 2008

DeMill Demolition

This weekend we made it official! We took down the 1/2 wall between the front room and our family room. I had always felt like it was the same room two times... so out the wall came so we could expand our family room to be BIG ole room for everyone to enjoy! Shane started the demo. on Friday evening... We just took the sheet rock off so we could see how the electrical wires ran and what not... and what did we find...
a little suprise from the man who was finishing up the sheetrock. I'd like to believe that he accidentally left this can in the wall and thought that one day when the house was 100 years old someone would find it and this precious can would be worth thousands of dollars because noone would have a Pepsi can from the year 2004- but my instincts tell me that he was just too lazy to get up and walk over to one of the many garbage piles laying around to throw the can away. So many suprises tha await when you start taking down walls!
On Saturday shane finished the demo. and a neighbor came over to show Shane what to do with the wires that we need for electrical plugs and such!
and I learned that when you take down a wall you get a GREAT BIG mess!!
Saturday evening was spent pulling up carpet.... and sweeping up the nails and staples that were left behind!
So here is what my house looks like right now... so for anyone that wants to come over and visit... I suggest you have a good pair of shoes and a face mask(to protect from dust)!!!

20 September 2008

Sweet Ride

Yesterday(September 19) I had the opportunity to drive up to Logan for work - and since I would be going on state business I got to take a state car... but because of our fun new 4/10s work schedule I got to get a car through enterprise!! I got to enterprise and they told me I would be driving a PT cruiser. I'll be honest I was a little bit bummed about this -- I mean seriously. They look like mini-Hurst's and I always laugh when I see one on the road. But I was ok with it since it meant I wouldn't have to spend my own gas to drive up there.Then the guy behind the counter asked me if I wouldn't mind driving something a little bit bigger for the same price. My mind jumped with excitement. I was thinking I was going to get a civic or maybe an Accord... but no I got this...
a 2008 Toyota Tundra - double cab - V8 - bright blue
I immediately called Shane who seemed a little bit jealous that i was going to be spending the day in this monsterous truck and he would be stuck at work behind a desk. I must admit that the truck was nice - but I probably would have preferred a littler car for the following reasons. 1- I drive a small car so I had to adjust to driving this monster. 2- It was a little bit BIG for me...I felt so small getting into and out of and just plain ole driving it. 3- The color was not exactly fabulous-I'm sure you've all seen a bright colored car driving down the street - you just can't get your eyes off them!! 4- Trucks and tight freeway lanes because of construction are not exactly friends!
Now for those of you that have considered buying this truck - I'm not sure I would recommend it to you. The dash is HUGE and if you are driving by yourself the radio is practically on the passenger side of the car (not good for short people with short arms). There are also no cup holders on the drivers side - you would have to reach over the massive center console right next to the passenger seat to grab your beverage. I also noticed that the truck didn't handle the bumps on the road very well and started to shake when I hit about 80 (please remember I was headed to Logan so the freeway speed limit was 75... so I was only slightly speeding and not driving recklessly!!!) i did like that the air conditioning was perfectly placed for the driver... and the seats were rather comfortable... and I got to make Shane jealous for the 8 hours I was driving this beautiful blue monster!!

07 September 2008

Do You Wonder?

Do you ever wonder what your kids will look like?? If you are shaking your head saying "why yes"... I found the solution!! www.makemebabies.com If you are wondering what our kids are going to look like we've got a sneak preview for you!
Boy -- at least he smiles! I guess we are hoping that his hair goes brown.
And girl -- she must get her hair color from both of us...and brown eyes like me! Unfortunately no blue eyes like shane.
I hope you all enjoyed that little sneak peak -- It took me about 8 different computer generations to get a girl with hair!! It was light and curly the first time -- then I got girls that had braded hair (looked like a homeles girl) girls with hats and scarves, even in a duck outfit. I think if I had to try that many times to have a normal looking child...I can't imagine what real life will bring!