25 November 2008


You may remember a few weeks ago Shane and I decided to do this...The beautiful 1/2 wall the separated our "front room" from our family room disappeared. As you may remember I didn't love the wall because I felt like I had 2 of the exact same room. honestly... who uses a front room? Some use them when the home teachers come over or when they have prestigious guests- but we don't even use it for either of those purposes (we don't get guests of such prestigious nature that they should have their own room)! So out the wall came... out came the carpet, base molds, and cold air return. In came the mess of a little Do-It-Yourself(DIY) project... After we moved the cold air return and painted (I'm sad that my black wall had to go...but I just couldn't imagine that much black) we got to work on the floors. My Grandma, Uncle Jeff, Aunt Julie, My Mom, Shane, and I had a BLAST putting the hardwood in. (a big thanks to all of them!) We were kicked out of our house for a few days while someone came in and finished the floors and we returned to this...Well.. almost that... After they finished the floors we moved the furniture out of the kitchen and into their appropriate spots and then took the above picture. I must say that I LOVE it! Having the room open is FANTASTIC! We highly recommend it to anyone who is considering it. Since this picture was taken we have hung curtains, pictures, and started work on some pillows. YAHOO! our project is done.. I promised Shane I wouldn't dream up another DIY project for at least 2 years... we will see.P

20 November 2008

a little update!

Well my friends... I've officially decided that I am one of the worst bloggers ever . Sometimes I'm good at updating on a regular basis but I feel like most of my life is so uneventful that there is no point in updating you on my daily life. Maybe one day when I feel my life is slightly more adventuresome I'll update you.
For those of you who are wondering what happened with our little construction project we started at the beginning on October I'm happy to inform you that we are pretty much finished! I've dusted my house at least 4 times and I am still finding dust everywhere! I will post pictures soon! I've promised a few people I would get them up by tomorrow (November 21) so stay tuned for photo's of the new and improved DeMill household!