28 December 2009

Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam!

Most of you are aware that I teach the sunbeams at church... perhaps the funniest little 3-4 year olds you will ever meet were in my class this year. You may remember this post from earlier this year -- and well... things only got better. The last part of this year we learned even more than we did in the first half.

-One particular little guy is fascinated with... well just read here for the whole story
-While talking about keeping the Sabbath day holy the idea came up that we don't shop on Sunday. One particular little guy looked so confused and exclaimed in the loudest voice ever "uh...Yeah we do. We shop on Sunday ALL the time. Heavenly Father doesn't care if we just go to Wal-Mart"
-Sitting reverently no longer means sitting with your arms folded. It means put your feet through the back of the chair and your hands on the floor while attempting to do a little twisty thing.
-It is totally cool for me to go in the mens restroom at church because "You're with me" (I guess that excuse for why they could go in the womens restroom came back to bite me in the rear)
-If you lie a monster will come get you and eat you (one of my kids told their mom that I taught them that - I must have Alzheimer's because I'm pretty sure I never taught that)
-If you turn the light off you can hear the Holy Ghost
-Big chairs are much more cool than little chairs. and making "Sister Mill" sit in a little chair is FUNNY
-Jesus was born in a stable where animals pooped and it stunk really bad!
-My last name is DeMill and my first name is Sister according to one kid - another says my first name is Teacher and my last name is Jessica.
-While teaching with Shane one week he started talking to one of the kids in Spanish. He proceeded to call him by his Spanish name to which the kid turned around and looked at him really funny. Shane asked him if his parents called him that - the reply was "no way" when Shane asked why the reply was "Because they love me!"
-You put soap in your eyes when they itch

I hope you enjoyed the little sumbeamisms... Maybe next year will be just as adventuresome!

10 December 2009

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

I just love this time of year - I love the magic that Christmas bring and the good things that happen. We've had a wonderful holiday season so far.
We went to the Festival of Trees last weekend. I really wanted to go see a tree that one of my neighbors decorated in memory of two kids who live about a block from our house. Both kids passed away of different forms of brain cancers this past year. I must say I thought the tree was pretty cute (and didn't take a picture - dang it!). Michelle and Parker joined us for the event. It was fun to celebrate with them.

Shane was there as well... This was the only picture I got of him.

Then on Sunday we made gingerbread houses with our friends Pete and Beka. I got the grand idea that it would be fun to make them from scratch. I didn't have enough molasses to double the recipe (I should have read it more carefully) so our houses were not as big as we had imagined... maybe next year. Although I will say that it was fun to design our own houses and figure out how to make it work.

The frosting was a little runny --but fun just the same. Below is our house. And here is a picture of our tree.
Merry Christmas!


Awhile ago my friend Corissa posted this cute craft on her blog. I thought it was pretty dang cute and decided that I would make one for myself... Here are my results
I thought it was a fun way to make this once blank wall a little more exciting
And here is a close up for you. It cost me about about $2 to make so one day when I decide I hate it - I'll just throw it away and not think twice about it.

Now if I could just convince Shane that it is time to paint the wall behind it...

Happy Thanksgiving

Ok we know... Thanksgiving was forever ago... but I had to post some pictures just to prove that we celebrated the holiday. I didn't take any pictures of us actually enjoying the delicious food - so you get pictures of what we did after instead.

Shane and Braden scoping out the adds. As usual there was nothing we needed/wanted/could afford that was such a great deal that we could justify waking up at the bum crack of the morning to get.

The kids played Thanksgiving bingo and made paper chains to count down to Christmas. It was a delightful time for all.

23 November 2009

Life Lately

So you've been wondering where we've been...well...we've been here. Our lives are about as exciting as a white wall. We are both busy with work and life in general. Maybe with all of the Christmas festivities coming up we'll have something of interest to post.

So until then - enjoy this season of Thanksgiving! I sure am thankful for lots of things - but I won't bore you with my list.

28 October 2009

What I do...

If you ever find yourself wondering... "What exactly does Jessica do?" I think this video can best describe it ...

So now you know.

09 October 2009

It's been a day.

You may remember last year when I posted about our baby. I was upstairs getting ready for Shane's Grandpa's funeral and he called me to come downstairs. He said he had a surprise for me. You see I'd been talking about how we needed a bunny for about a month - and Shane, being the fantastic husband he he, decided that he would grant me my wish. I came down to find a baby bunny hopping around our backyard and Shane putting the finishing touches on his cage. We named him Chomper. He helped us weed and fertilize the garden (he doesn't know he was helping) and provided hours of entertainment with family and other kids in the neighborhood. This morning I woke up and headed out to the back yard to let the little guy out and play with him. Unfortunately he was not alive. I immediately called Shane and cried my eyes out while trying to tell him what I had just found. Not exactly the best way to start the day.
This is the 3rd bunny I've had die on me. The first one Snowball baked in the sun one summer, the second was eaten by a dog, and Chomp - we are suspecting poison (we had our yard sprayed for spiders). So needless to say I'm not up for another rabbit -- at least for a little while.
So my little Chomp - I hope you are enjoying hopping around in the green meadows of heaven.

16 September 2009

Ding, Ding, Ding..

(You'll want to read this post with a thick Minnesota accent)
Attention Carnival Liberty Family. Cruise director Butch here. Just wanted to take a minute to fill you in on the exciting adventures of the DeMill family. Believe me this is going to be a post you will not want to miss. See they started out their journey in a little town we here at Carnival like to call Miami. It has some great beaches, expensive food, and ghetto's like you will never believe. From Miami they reported at the Carnival Cruise Terminal. Now this place is alot like an airport but instead of getting on a plane you get on a ship. After just minutes of being on the ship the DeMill family reported to their Muster station where they learned all of the procedures that would be taking place in the event a disaster of titanic proportions occurred.
The family then arrived at a little port called "Half Moon Cay" in the Bahamas. Now this port is unlike any other port of call on this vacation. You see this island is owned by Holland America (AKA Carnival) so everything to see or do on this island will cost you about 5 times what it will anywhere else.
The beaches are the whitest and the waters are the bluest you will see anywhere in the world.
Sandcastle building is optional - but highly encouraged. After leaving this port the DeMills then spent their next day at sea: Soaking up the rays. (Please add a fake laugh here)
Maybe a few too many rays. After the Aloe is applied you can enjoy the pictures of the formal night. Now on this night you can dress up in you finest attire and eat the most exotic foods the ship provides. After dinner change out of your dress clothes and head to the karaoke bar. Here auditions will be taking place for a show later in the week... you might see a certain someone performing later on.
After the day at see the DeMills stopped at an island called St. Thomas. Here they went snorkeling at Sapphire Beach and rented wave runners to enjoy the salty water.
In St. Thomas they also enjoyed the views of the rest of the U.S. Virgin Islands.
Later that night they enjoyed some tropical (virgin) drinks.
Following their adventure at St. Thomas the DeMills joined their friends Pete and Beka for a rain forest adventure. They climbed on a bus of 24 people and headed off to the Puerto Rico rain forest. This rain forest is full of waterfalls and other adventures! The tour guide, Hector, does not come highly recommended unless you'd like to make a 4 hour tour last about 6.5 hours and the extra time was spent learning the name and orgin of every plant in the rain forest.
Following Puerto Rico they adventured into the Armpit of the world (Goofy Laugh) I mean Grand Turk. On this Island you will experience the worst snorkeling every imaginable and see absolutely nothing.
However, Shane does have the opportunity to drive on the wrong side of the car and the wrong side of the road (by American standards).
Now do you remember that Karaoke night I talked about earlier... Do you recognize this person.
Yup you guessed it. Jessica was selected from the entire population of the ship to be Brittney Spears at the "Carnival Legends" show. Singing "Hit me baby one more time" she totally rocked the house - or maybe not.
So the DeMills had a wonderful vacation. and hope you enjoyed reading about it. Yah.

28 August 2009

Love and a Marriage

On August 15 My little sister Michelle decided to tie the knot. The lucky guy, Mark Montgomery. I should also say that she is a lucky girl! We just love them both and are so excited for the two of them. They were truly made for each other - cut from the same cloth. Here are some pictures from the exciting day.

Michelle and Mark taking pictures at the Salt Lake Temple. (I really don't think there is another place in the world quite like it!)

The Hill Family
Michelle and the Bridesmaids (I sure hope the photographer got a better picture than this)
The flowers that night were extravagant, the food was delicious, the setting was perfect, and the company could not have been better
Michelle and Dad then did the "traditional" father-daughter dance in a very NON-traditional way. I hope to get a video of it to post on here in the near future.
Congrats Michelle and Mark - and Happy Eternity together!

24 August 2009

2009 World Series

This year the Babe Ruth World Series is being held in my hometown, Murray, Utah! I'll be honest I've never been a big baseball fan. I remember going to Mariners games when I was a little girl in Seattle, but that was just for fun. My little brother, Alex, LOVES baseball and is pretty good at it. With Murray being the Host of the World Series they got an automatic bid. They put together a team with the best players in the Murray League and Alex was asked to play! So this week we will be singing lots of "Take me out to the ball game" and enjoying some hot dogs.
P.S. The picture above was about a year ago when he played at a Cooperstown Field of Dreams Invitational. He'll probably kill me for posting it.

20 August 2009

The Office...

Mormon Style. I just found this movie - and you office watchers may enjoy it. Maybe not.

13 August 2009

A little update

Last night I went here... Because this little lady(Cousin Cami)...
Is going on a mission here...
(Cherry Hill New Jersey for those interested) leaving at the end of October. I had a wonderful experience there - I highly recommend it! While sitting in the chapel waiting to start the session this guy...
Walked in. (Elder Scott for those who don't recognize his face) What was so fascinating about it was that he was just like anyone else who was attending that session. It was a glorious time for all who attended.
On a side note. I will be headed back to the beautiful building previously pictured on Saturday to see these two...
tie the knot!
I don't think I mentioned it on here but my sister got engaged back in may. It was perhaps the "most epic proposal of all time" and we are pretty excited about it. I'll post pictures of the big event later.
**P.S. I apologize for not blogging in the last month (Just in case someone cared to notice). I've been busy sewing tablecloths for the previously mentioned event being held this weekend.

14 July 2009

1st Annual DeMill Family Talent Show

Shane and I were 'InCharge' of the DeMill Family monthly home evening. We decided that we would teach the parable of the talents found in Matthew of the New Testament. After we told the story we encouraged our family to share their talents with others... We started by sharing our talents with eachother Shad played the "pocket bagpipes" which was a HUGE hit among the kiddos
Aubrey, Maura, and Tolby showed off some of their stellar Gymnastics moves!
Jaida and Makaila did a little dance for us.
Other talents included....
A magical card trick by Braden
A fantastic rendition of chopsticks by Shane and I
A violin solo with dance by Grandpa Lynn and Grandma Jean
An awe inspiring sommersault by Davin
Some artwork done by Jennifer (don't forget to go to her house and check it out... when the house is finished)
But perhaps the favorite talent of the night...

Mr. Wes doing the robot!

Note to the DeMill families living out of state -- I've decided that this will be an annual event -- so next year be prepared to either fly out here to share your talent with us... or we'll call and ask you for a video so we can share it with everyone.

Snowbird 2009

Every year we take a day off work and enjoy a little Snowbird fun! We head up Little Cottonwood to enjoy the beautiful scenery God created for us, and have a good time with the family.... Here are some of this years most memorable moments. Shane rode the mechanical bull... and then fell off...
We also rode the zip-line and alpine slide but have no photos to prove it.
We rode the tram up to the top and had a little snowball fight
and Ran around like crazy people trying to stay warm (who would think that it could be soo cold when it's so stinkin hot outside)
And enjoyed the beautiful scenery.
After the family left Pete and Bekah came and played with us. but once again I didn't take any pictures... so I dug up this old one.

07 July 2009

The 11th bi-annual Hill Family Reunion!

2 years ago we went here for our family reunion. But for the 11th Bi-Annual Max and Donna Hill Family Reunion we decided to stick a little closer to home and went up to beautiful Park City! Now when most people hear the words "family" and "reunion" together in the same sentence one can expect to hear groans and moans following. But NOT us! We L-O-V-E this family reunion.
You see when I was a little girl my Grandma and Grandpa Hill decided that it was important to them to have all of the family get together and enjoy each others company. The truly believed that "The family that plays together, stays together" so that is what we did, we played. There is nothing like traveling in a caravan (don't think mini van) to the fun destination where you can just hang out with your cousins. Both of my Hill Grandparents passed away a few years ago - but the family reunion tradition is still alive. The family grows each year and we love it!
Enjoy some photo's of the reunion!
Here are the original Hills (minus one) Back: Sharon, Dad(Doug), and Dave Front: Greg, Jim, and Kent! We missed you Mark!!
We held the "Hill Family Olympics" the Doug Hill family was the Blue and White Team! Please note that we are rockin' some very fancy bronze medals! Woot Woot!!
And we ate at my FAVORITE Mexican restaurant - the one and only Baja Cantina!
We then returned back to the valley where the pains of work had us in its grasp once again...

23 June 2009

Going on a Bear Hunt

Last weekend we decided it was a great weekend to go camping with some of our favorite friends (Pete and Bekah). We wanted to go to the Spruces - but they were full. So we drove up Farmington Canyon (tiny dirt road FREAKED me out!). We found a cute little campground that had lots of privacy - Enjoy some photos. Bekah and I had a broccoli stock throwing contest - I lost
We had fun - I'm sure that is what is happening in this freaky picture!
We enjoyed the beautiful scenery. We didn't take enough wood so we had to steal some from the area. If you look into the background of the above photo you will see Pete chopping down a tree. We request that you don't be a tattle-tale on us.
Pete- Bringing in the tree for the fire
Going home we decided to take a "more scenic route" and we went down this road - The sign by it says "Not suitable for passenger cars or tailors". Shane decided we were not a passenger car and that we could handle it. Well about 5 minutes later we discovered that a 4-wheeler was needed to get through the narrow road. So we backed out and went home the way we came-and it was ugly.
P.S. Shane was on this trip - I just didn't take any photo's of him. Well I didn't take very many photo's in general.