22 January 2009

Neighborhood Hood

Once upon a time in the day's of my Childhood these were the neighborhood hoods. Ok- So maybe not my Childhood...more like my highschool years... but they were hoods just the same! The three boys on the left have grown into Highschool Seniors (maybe Juniors). And the two adorable boys on the right (my brothers) have grown into handsome zit-faced teenagers. I just can't stand it! I just can't stand it!

21 January 2009

A Historic Day Indeed!

Yesterday I sat at my desk starring at my computer screen watching President Obama be sworn in as the 44th president of the United States of America. As I sat there I couldn't help but feel proud to be an American. I had never sat and watched a presidential inauguration before and I don't think I'll ever miss one again. I felt as though I was one of the millions of people standing there watching a great man take the oath of office. Although his speech didn't have a line like former President Kennedy's or make me want to bust out cheering at anypoint I still felt proud to say that he is the president of my country. So I'll end this post the same way he ended his speech. Thank you. God bless you. and God bless America!

08 January 2009

Happy Happy New Year!

Well -- It's been awhile since I posted. Isn't it just CRAZY how fast December comes and goes. I feel like it was just yesterday we were welcoming 2008 and here we are celebrating 2009! Since I'm sure you are all dieing to know how we celebrated the Holiday Season I'll give you a quick recap...
Christmas was full of family, fun, and food! We celebrated with the DeMill family on the 19th. We started the night with dinner followed by decorating and delivering cookies to Shane's Parents neighbors. We then did our rendition of the Nativity - I wish I had pictures to share.. but I couldn't find our camera this morning when I was running out the door-sorry.
We spent the 21st at the Pulley family Shin-dig. Once again we enjoyed yummy food. We had a family talent show, did another fantastic rendition of the nativity, and the cousins opened their presents - I did not get one since I decided to get married I became disqualified - but I wouldn't change it for the world!
Then Christmas eve was spent at my Aunt Marylynn's where we once again stuffed ourselves silly and talked and laughed and talked some more. It's always a blast to be with family.
Christmas day Shane and I woke up to find what Santa had left us... a wii, wii fit, rockband, and a few other wii related things - Santa decided to surprise me and got me a picture for our house that I've wanted for a really long time. After we were wii'd out we went to my parents house and enjoyed some brunch with the family. Then we were off to the DeMills to eat Christmas dinner with them.
On that Friday we went to Temple square with some of our favorite friends who moved to Denver and were back to visit. Todd is pretty much the nicest person I know-He talked to this homeless bum for quite awhile, he let him use his cell to find some family members, found a couch in the visitors center for him, and a bunch of other stuff. What a great example! Thanks Todd. We saw all the beautiful lights and enjoyed spending time with them. I forgot to mention that we went to Kneaders one of my all-time favorite places to eat!
We went Skiing/Snowboarding with the Hill family on the 27th. Sorry for anyone who sat at the bottom of the hill for an hour waiting for me ... I'm glad you finally went up again and passed me on the way down! I don't think any more explanation is required. It was fun - I'm trying to get better but the truth is... The only reason I go down Hill is because it's the way I fall!
We celebrated the new year by going to dinner with one of Shane's mission companions, old roommate, and their wives. It was quite fun. We then went and rock banded until we couldn't rock band any more. Then went to sleep. I'm no good for staying up late!

Now for the good stuff... Since things tend to slow down at work for the holidays... Sarah(my co-worker) takes the holiday off. Julie (another co-worker) and I decided to take advantage of her time away and did this...
Yup you guessed it. We wrapped her entire office in foil!
Believe it or not the phone still worked
another shot of our masterpiece!
We covered EVERYTHING in foil - right down the the pens in her drawer. We then made a door to her cube. and sat back to enjoy our masterpiece...Thank heaven for camera phones- we would have no pictures if they didn't exist! She throughly enjoyed our work and still has a good majority of her office covered in silver. Oh it was a BLAST! If any of you have a boss, coworker, or manager who deserves to have their office covered I highly recommend it!

Sorry for the novel!