21 February 2009

Dear Bird,

Dear Mr. Bird,

Thank you for the prize you left on my car this past week.  I was overflowed with joy when I walked out of work to see your poop so strategically placed on the top of my car, windshield, and side mirror.  I, and my black car, would prefer to not recieve your prize again. We wish you luck on your journey south for the rest of the winter.  Maybe you will leave before the snow hits next year. 


12 February 2009

A Trip down Memeory Lane...

This week I've been given the opportunity to take a little walk down memory lane. In addition to the passing of Shane's grandpa - two of my high school friends (Adrianne and Cody) got angel status on Sunday. Therefore I've been going through old pictures of my Jr. High/High school days and enjoying/laughing at pictures. Like these... Cody Shaffer, McCall Lewis, Me, Mitch Short
One would think that going to see La Tour Eiffel and walking around Paris would inspire one to look fashionable in the city known for fashion - Obviously I was uninspired!
McCall Lewis, Brad Diehl, Me, Ben Brockbank, and Megan Lee
This one is at La Caille - Another good reason to try to not look like you just rolled out of bed - Please note my white mini mouse shoes, I LOVE the vests that Brad and Ben are wearing. I'm sure we thought we looked like little fashionista's.
Back Row: Becca Plant Fager, Anna Vanzeben, Megan Westbrook, April Recksiek
Front: Melinda Johnson Christensen, McCall Lewis, Me
There is nothing like hanging out in the Johnson basement and watching Mystery Science Theatre 3000 and laughing our guts out.
Oh to be young and carefree again...
Thanks Cody and Adrianne for all the great memories you've given me - I just wish I could be taking a stroll down memory lane under different circumstances.

09 February 2009


I have a confession... I have stayed up WAY too late lately reading this... and the 2 books that follow it. Shane bought me The Sound of Rain for Christmas when I told him all I really wanted was a book. And since he knows that I love sappy quick reads, especially those by Anita, he decided this would fit me perfectly. I read the first page in December and quickly decided I didn't like this side of Anita... until last week. I picked up the book and read the whole thing in about 4 hours. I then stopped at the bookstore the next day got A distant Thunder book #2 of the Jayson Wolfe series. Needless to say I finished it that night. I was very bummed because the third book wasn't out yet. Shane was excited to know that he would have his wife back until the next book came out. What he didn't know was that it came out on February 5. I bought Winds of Change and as you probably guessed finished it within a few hours as well. So now I have to wait patiently for the next book to come out in May (I hope).
For those of you out there who enjoy sappy books as much as I do I would recommend this little series to you - I'll let you borrow it if you want! My current read is The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell (Not Sappy -- It was actually a book I 'read' at BYU now I'm really going to READ it--It is a book about change)

If anyone has any good suggestions I'm always looking for something new to read - preferably not something like the Twilight series... which I did not like.

06 February 2009

In Memory of Grandpa Carl

Today Shane's Grandpa, Carl, returned to our heavenly father.  I am sure that there was a crowd there anxious to give him a hug and once again share cowboy stories. Grandpa grew-up in southern Utah as a true cowboy!  He always had a story about riding horses, catching rabbits, or deer hunting. No matter how many times I heard the same story I was captivated by the many adventures he had.  Grandpa was an army boy - and has pride in being an American. Grandpa loved having his family near.  He lighted up whenever we were around.  Grandpa also had a very strong testimony.  He shared it through his actions and his words.  I truly feel grateful for all the advice and stories he has shared with me.  Love you Grandpa!

01 February 2009


La MAS = La Mision Argentina Salta (The Argentina Salta Mission for those of you.. like myself.. who do not understand Spanish) has been an underlying theme to our lives lately. About 7 years ago Shane served his mission there. (well 5-7 years ago depending on how you look at it). and LOVED it! He thinks it is the best mission on the planet and everyone should serve a mission there. About 3 weeks ago in church the bishop announced that Shane's HTing companion (Trace Staker) got his mission to.. you guessed it.. La MAS! I'm not kidding when I say Shane nearly fell off his seat with excitement! We invited them over for dinner to have authentic salta empanada's (minus the 4 lbs of lard the recipe called for). Shane pulled out all of his mission stuff and they talked for hours about what a fantastic place it is to serve a mission! I of course forgot to take a picture while they were over so instead you get a photo of Shaney Baby preparing to bake the empanada's. I was in charge of creating the meat Concoction that goes inside the little dough disks (which is why there was not 4lbs. a lard used... and they were not deep fried). I made the full recipe and had enough to feed the entire Chinese army. So after we had dinner with the Staker's we invited one of Shane's mission companions, a Dev roommate, and their wives over for another round of empanada's. Once again. I was retarded and failed to take any pictures, Therefore you just get to hear about what a fantastic time we had reminiscing about the good times that were had while living in Salta. We are so excited for Trace - Shane is especially excited to hear about what has been going on since he left almost 5 years ago.