19 April 2009

It's Official

It is official - We have been living in our house for a year. Well -- we've been home owners for a year. We really didn't move into our house until almost 2 weeks after we closed. It is weird for me to think that we've been living in our fabulous neighborhood for that long. Time has flown by. We've made so many great friends and absolutely love where we live.

In the past year we have taken on a few home improvement projects... We've knocked out walls, laid hard wood floors, painted pretty much every room, and the latest project... Building a shed (aka: Shane's Man Cave). You know something is wrong when you have to squeeze past a scooter, dance over water bottles, suck your stomach in, and do a little dance when trying to get into the car. After knocking our heads on rear view mirrors a few times we decided it was time to take on this project. Shane's mission companion, Preston, and his wife, Beka, came out to help. Pete (Preston) doesn't look too excited to be helping in this picture - But he swears he enjoyed himself - we couldn't have done it without him!
Here they are putting the roof on. We've gotten a little bit farther since this picture was taken... we have a window in, shingles on the roof, and a flower box (my addition to the man cave). I can't wait to have it done and move all the junk from the garage out.
A big THANKS to all the neighbors who came and helped shovel gravel and lent tools.
Sorry to the neighbors that have to deal with the noise of an air compressor - I've been told we will be finished on Saturday... we will see.