14 July 2009

1st Annual DeMill Family Talent Show

Shane and I were 'InCharge' of the DeMill Family monthly home evening. We decided that we would teach the parable of the talents found in Matthew of the New Testament. After we told the story we encouraged our family to share their talents with others... We started by sharing our talents with eachother Shad played the "pocket bagpipes" which was a HUGE hit among the kiddos
Aubrey, Maura, and Tolby showed off some of their stellar Gymnastics moves!
Jaida and Makaila did a little dance for us.
Other talents included....
A magical card trick by Braden
A fantastic rendition of chopsticks by Shane and I
A violin solo with dance by Grandpa Lynn and Grandma Jean
An awe inspiring sommersault by Davin
Some artwork done by Jennifer (don't forget to go to her house and check it out... when the house is finished)
But perhaps the favorite talent of the night...

Mr. Wes doing the robot!

Note to the DeMill families living out of state -- I've decided that this will be an annual event -- so next year be prepared to either fly out here to share your talent with us... or we'll call and ask you for a video so we can share it with everyone.

Snowbird 2009

Every year we take a day off work and enjoy a little Snowbird fun! We head up Little Cottonwood to enjoy the beautiful scenery God created for us, and have a good time with the family.... Here are some of this years most memorable moments. Shane rode the mechanical bull... and then fell off...
We also rode the zip-line and alpine slide but have no photos to prove it.
We rode the tram up to the top and had a little snowball fight
and Ran around like crazy people trying to stay warm (who would think that it could be soo cold when it's so stinkin hot outside)
And enjoyed the beautiful scenery.
After the family left Pete and Bekah came and played with us. but once again I didn't take any pictures... so I dug up this old one.

07 July 2009

The 11th bi-annual Hill Family Reunion!

2 years ago we went here for our family reunion. But for the 11th Bi-Annual Max and Donna Hill Family Reunion we decided to stick a little closer to home and went up to beautiful Park City! Now when most people hear the words "family" and "reunion" together in the same sentence one can expect to hear groans and moans following. But NOT us! We L-O-V-E this family reunion.
You see when I was a little girl my Grandma and Grandpa Hill decided that it was important to them to have all of the family get together and enjoy each others company. The truly believed that "The family that plays together, stays together" so that is what we did, we played. There is nothing like traveling in a caravan (don't think mini van) to the fun destination where you can just hang out with your cousins. Both of my Hill Grandparents passed away a few years ago - but the family reunion tradition is still alive. The family grows each year and we love it!
Enjoy some photo's of the reunion!
Here are the original Hills (minus one) Back: Sharon, Dad(Doug), and Dave Front: Greg, Jim, and Kent! We missed you Mark!!
We held the "Hill Family Olympics" the Doug Hill family was the Blue and White Team! Please note that we are rockin' some very fancy bronze medals! Woot Woot!!
And we ate at my FAVORITE Mexican restaurant - the one and only Baja Cantina!
We then returned back to the valley where the pains of work had us in its grasp once again...