28 August 2009

Love and a Marriage

On August 15 My little sister Michelle decided to tie the knot. The lucky guy, Mark Montgomery. I should also say that she is a lucky girl! We just love them both and are so excited for the two of them. They were truly made for each other - cut from the same cloth. Here are some pictures from the exciting day.

Michelle and Mark taking pictures at the Salt Lake Temple. (I really don't think there is another place in the world quite like it!)

The Hill Family
Michelle and the Bridesmaids (I sure hope the photographer got a better picture than this)
The flowers that night were extravagant, the food was delicious, the setting was perfect, and the company could not have been better
Michelle and Dad then did the "traditional" father-daughter dance in a very NON-traditional way. I hope to get a video of it to post on here in the near future.
Congrats Michelle and Mark - and Happy Eternity together!

24 August 2009

2009 World Series

This year the Babe Ruth World Series is being held in my hometown, Murray, Utah! I'll be honest I've never been a big baseball fan. I remember going to Mariners games when I was a little girl in Seattle, but that was just for fun. My little brother, Alex, LOVES baseball and is pretty good at it. With Murray being the Host of the World Series they got an automatic bid. They put together a team with the best players in the Murray League and Alex was asked to play! So this week we will be singing lots of "Take me out to the ball game" and enjoying some hot dogs.
P.S. The picture above was about a year ago when he played at a Cooperstown Field of Dreams Invitational. He'll probably kill me for posting it.

20 August 2009

The Office...

Mormon Style. I just found this movie - and you office watchers may enjoy it. Maybe not.

13 August 2009

A little update

Last night I went here... Because this little lady(Cousin Cami)...
Is going on a mission here...
(Cherry Hill New Jersey for those interested) leaving at the end of October. I had a wonderful experience there - I highly recommend it! While sitting in the chapel waiting to start the session this guy...
Walked in. (Elder Scott for those who don't recognize his face) What was so fascinating about it was that he was just like anyone else who was attending that session. It was a glorious time for all who attended.
On a side note. I will be headed back to the beautiful building previously pictured on Saturday to see these two...
tie the knot!
I don't think I mentioned it on here but my sister got engaged back in may. It was perhaps the "most epic proposal of all time" and we are pretty excited about it. I'll post pictures of the big event later.
**P.S. I apologize for not blogging in the last month (Just in case someone cared to notice). I've been busy sewing tablecloths for the previously mentioned event being held this weekend.