16 September 2009

Ding, Ding, Ding..

(You'll want to read this post with a thick Minnesota accent)
Attention Carnival Liberty Family. Cruise director Butch here. Just wanted to take a minute to fill you in on the exciting adventures of the DeMill family. Believe me this is going to be a post you will not want to miss. See they started out their journey in a little town we here at Carnival like to call Miami. It has some great beaches, expensive food, and ghetto's like you will never believe. From Miami they reported at the Carnival Cruise Terminal. Now this place is alot like an airport but instead of getting on a plane you get on a ship. After just minutes of being on the ship the DeMill family reported to their Muster station where they learned all of the procedures that would be taking place in the event a disaster of titanic proportions occurred.
The family then arrived at a little port called "Half Moon Cay" in the Bahamas. Now this port is unlike any other port of call on this vacation. You see this island is owned by Holland America (AKA Carnival) so everything to see or do on this island will cost you about 5 times what it will anywhere else.
The beaches are the whitest and the waters are the bluest you will see anywhere in the world.
Sandcastle building is optional - but highly encouraged. After leaving this port the DeMills then spent their next day at sea: Soaking up the rays. (Please add a fake laugh here)
Maybe a few too many rays. After the Aloe is applied you can enjoy the pictures of the formal night. Now on this night you can dress up in you finest attire and eat the most exotic foods the ship provides. After dinner change out of your dress clothes and head to the karaoke bar. Here auditions will be taking place for a show later in the week... you might see a certain someone performing later on.
After the day at see the DeMills stopped at an island called St. Thomas. Here they went snorkeling at Sapphire Beach and rented wave runners to enjoy the salty water.
In St. Thomas they also enjoyed the views of the rest of the U.S. Virgin Islands.
Later that night they enjoyed some tropical (virgin) drinks.
Following their adventure at St. Thomas the DeMills joined their friends Pete and Beka for a rain forest adventure. They climbed on a bus of 24 people and headed off to the Puerto Rico rain forest. This rain forest is full of waterfalls and other adventures! The tour guide, Hector, does not come highly recommended unless you'd like to make a 4 hour tour last about 6.5 hours and the extra time was spent learning the name and orgin of every plant in the rain forest.
Following Puerto Rico they adventured into the Armpit of the world (Goofy Laugh) I mean Grand Turk. On this Island you will experience the worst snorkeling every imaginable and see absolutely nothing.
However, Shane does have the opportunity to drive on the wrong side of the car and the wrong side of the road (by American standards).
Now do you remember that Karaoke night I talked about earlier... Do you recognize this person.
Yup you guessed it. Jessica was selected from the entire population of the ship to be Brittney Spears at the "Carnival Legends" show. Singing "Hit me baby one more time" she totally rocked the house - or maybe not.
So the DeMills had a wonderful vacation. and hope you enjoyed reading about it. Yah.