28 October 2009

What I do...

If you ever find yourself wondering... "What exactly does Jessica do?" I think this video can best describe it ...

So now you know.

09 October 2009

It's been a day.

You may remember last year when I posted about our baby. I was upstairs getting ready for Shane's Grandpa's funeral and he called me to come downstairs. He said he had a surprise for me. You see I'd been talking about how we needed a bunny for about a month - and Shane, being the fantastic husband he he, decided that he would grant me my wish. I came down to find a baby bunny hopping around our backyard and Shane putting the finishing touches on his cage. We named him Chomper. He helped us weed and fertilize the garden (he doesn't know he was helping) and provided hours of entertainment with family and other kids in the neighborhood. This morning I woke up and headed out to the back yard to let the little guy out and play with him. Unfortunately he was not alive. I immediately called Shane and cried my eyes out while trying to tell him what I had just found. Not exactly the best way to start the day.
This is the 3rd bunny I've had die on me. The first one Snowball baked in the sun one summer, the second was eaten by a dog, and Chomp - we are suspecting poison (we had our yard sprayed for spiders). So needless to say I'm not up for another rabbit -- at least for a little while.
So my little Chomp - I hope you are enjoying hopping around in the green meadows of heaven.