28 December 2009

Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam!

Most of you are aware that I teach the sunbeams at church... perhaps the funniest little 3-4 year olds you will ever meet were in my class this year. You may remember this post from earlier this year -- and well... things only got better. The last part of this year we learned even more than we did in the first half.

-One particular little guy is fascinated with... well just read here for the whole story
-While talking about keeping the Sabbath day holy the idea came up that we don't shop on Sunday. One particular little guy looked so confused and exclaimed in the loudest voice ever "uh...Yeah we do. We shop on Sunday ALL the time. Heavenly Father doesn't care if we just go to Wal-Mart"
-Sitting reverently no longer means sitting with your arms folded. It means put your feet through the back of the chair and your hands on the floor while attempting to do a little twisty thing.
-It is totally cool for me to go in the mens restroom at church because "You're with me" (I guess that excuse for why they could go in the womens restroom came back to bite me in the rear)
-If you lie a monster will come get you and eat you (one of my kids told their mom that I taught them that - I must have Alzheimer's because I'm pretty sure I never taught that)
-If you turn the light off you can hear the Holy Ghost
-Big chairs are much more cool than little chairs. and making "Sister Mill" sit in a little chair is FUNNY
-Jesus was born in a stable where animals pooped and it stunk really bad!
-My last name is DeMill and my first name is Sister according to one kid - another says my first name is Teacher and my last name is Jessica.
-While teaching with Shane one week he started talking to one of the kids in Spanish. He proceeded to call him by his Spanish name to which the kid turned around and looked at him really funny. Shane asked him if his parents called him that - the reply was "no way" when Shane asked why the reply was "Because they love me!"
-You put soap in your eyes when they itch

I hope you enjoyed the little sumbeamisms... Maybe next year will be just as adventuresome!

10 December 2009

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

I just love this time of year - I love the magic that Christmas bring and the good things that happen. We've had a wonderful holiday season so far.
We went to the Festival of Trees last weekend. I really wanted to go see a tree that one of my neighbors decorated in memory of two kids who live about a block from our house. Both kids passed away of different forms of brain cancers this past year. I must say I thought the tree was pretty cute (and didn't take a picture - dang it!). Michelle and Parker joined us for the event. It was fun to celebrate with them.

Shane was there as well... This was the only picture I got of him.

Then on Sunday we made gingerbread houses with our friends Pete and Beka. I got the grand idea that it would be fun to make them from scratch. I didn't have enough molasses to double the recipe (I should have read it more carefully) so our houses were not as big as we had imagined... maybe next year. Although I will say that it was fun to design our own houses and figure out how to make it work.

The frosting was a little runny --but fun just the same. Below is our house. And here is a picture of our tree.
Merry Christmas!


Awhile ago my friend Corissa posted this cute craft on her blog. I thought it was pretty dang cute and decided that I would make one for myself... Here are my results
I thought it was a fun way to make this once blank wall a little more exciting
And here is a close up for you. It cost me about about $2 to make so one day when I decide I hate it - I'll just throw it away and not think twice about it.

Now if I could just convince Shane that it is time to paint the wall behind it...

Happy Thanksgiving

Ok we know... Thanksgiving was forever ago... but I had to post some pictures just to prove that we celebrated the holiday. I didn't take any pictures of us actually enjoying the delicious food - so you get pictures of what we did after instead.

Shane and Braden scoping out the adds. As usual there was nothing we needed/wanted/could afford that was such a great deal that we could justify waking up at the bum crack of the morning to get.

The kids played Thanksgiving bingo and made paper chains to count down to Christmas. It was a delightful time for all.