27 December 2010

Sunbeamisms 2010

Once again I taught the 3-4 year old sunbeams at church this year. Shane taught with me for a good chunk of the year. We had 12 kiddo's in our class (only 1/2 of the age group) and they provided us with non stop laughter. Here is what we learned this year...

-When you turn 8 you get married -- or get your ears pierced
-When you go to the bathroom and you hear "plop plop" it will splash up and get your bum wet
-Heaven is full of princesses, like cinderella
-Joke: Why did the scripture power cross the road? A: because Jesus wants me for a sunbeam. (what... you don't think it's funny)
-Sitting on chairs is only fun when you  have another chair in front of you to put your feet on
-When it is Sunday at our house it is Monday at the Juvenal house and Saturday at the Alonzo house
-Praying is "overrated"
-There is no prophet... but there is a brofit.
-Sometimes you don't have to share your toys. Like when your sister wants to play with them, you just push her down and then you don't have to share.
-It is more fun to be angry than happy
-FHE is "tupid"
-When Noah filled the arc he didn't have to add fish and ducklings because they knew how to swim
-You can learn all of the important scripture stories from veggie tails. When dad tells the stories they are boring.
-You don't have to be looking at the teacher or participating to know what's going on. And they'll never figure out you've been in la la land when you get asked a question and your response is about Chuck-E-Cheese
-Tears will get you out of anything - and usually win you a trip back to your parents (yes I am the meanest teacher ever to at least 2 kids)
-When you are asked to show someone how to be reverent it is appropriate to sit on the ground, put your feet in the air, and laugh about the color of your underpants
-Fingers belong in your nose
-When teaching and all else fails - bring out the play dough

I'm sure I've missed some of the spectacular things that were said, but all in all it's been a great year. I can't wait for another year of madness!

06 December 2010

2010 Christmas Devotional

Last night we went to the 1st Presidency's Christmas Devotional. It was marvelous! I loved each of the messages that were shared. When I found out that I was one of the "chosen" people to get tickets this year I was excited - but I was even more excited when we got there and found out that our seats were at the very front. What an incredible experience to look straight into the eyes of the prophet as he shared his Christmas message. And here are some pictures we took following the devotional. Something about the lights surrounding Temple Square just makes the holiday season a little more real.

"Let it be a time of forgetting self and finding time for others. Let it be a time for discarding the meaningless and for stressing true values. Let it be a time for peace" - President Thomas S. Monson

28 November 2010

I'll have a wash and trim please...

I took Miss. Chloe to the groomer this weekend.  She needed a good bath and a little face trim. She came out looking like this....

... missing half of her face. I took the poor thing back and she now looks like the most pathetic little dog ever created.

22 November 2010

Happy Halloween

Do you think it is appropriate to do a Halloween post the week of Thanksgiving?

You do! Good, I think so too. This year Shane and I dressed up as our former selves - only a few years older (and a few pounds heavier in my case)

Yes here we are. The MHS class officer and BHS soccer player. (Ben and Melinda you have our permission to copy in the future if you choose)

09 November 2010

Gift Exchange

I know I have not posted in forever... and no I do not feel bad about it.

However, I do request that you update your blogs regularly. (Does that make me a hypocrite?)

On a side note. One of my favorite crafty blogs is Craftaholics Anonymous. She is having her Holiday Handmade Gift Exchange and I thought some of you might be interested in participating. So jump on over to her blog and sign up. You can sign-up to exchange with someone internationally or just in the USA.

27 September 2010

Go Go, Go Go, Go UTA...

Last week I decided to try out the public transportation of the great state of Utah. Not only would I get a free ride to work, but I would do my civic duty by not polluting the air or taking up space on the construction ridden freeway. UTA recently started an express route from the BFE to downtown so I thought I'd try it out. Want to know how it went?

I'll do this in real time for you...

5:30 Wake Up
6:00 Run out the door to catch the bus
6:13 Board express bus to SLC
6:25 Stop in a neighboring city
6:35 Stop in another city (This is about the time I normally wake up)
6:40 On I-15
7:00 Bus exits 400 south
7:02 Bus makes first stop
7:05 Bus makes another stop, that is not scheduled (This is about the time I normally leave for work)
7:07 Bus maks another non-scheduled stop
7:10 Bus makes another stop
7:12 Bus makes a scheduled stop
7:15 Bus makes another non-scheduled stop
7:20 Bus makes a scheduled stop
7:21 Bus makes another non-scheduled stop
7:25 Bus makes it's final stop - I get off
7:26 I realize that I missed the connecting bus so I have to wait for it
7:30 now realize that instead of the next bus coming in a decent amount of time I have to wait 25 minutes
7:35 I start to walk around the gateway to kill time
7:40 Homeless bum starts walking and talking with me - I walk faster
7:50 I return to the bus stop where I can catch a bus to work
7:56 Bus is now 1 minute late (This is about the time I normally arrive at work)
7:59 Bus finally shows up
8:15 I get off the bus infront of my work

Did you catch that people 2 hours to ride the bus to work when I can drive there, through the construction, in about an hour. And the best part of it all... I got to do it all again on the way home, leaving work at 3:45.

The best part! I had to take vacation time to make-up my hours.

04 September 2010

I can Fondue...

...can you fondue?

Tonight we did a little fondue with my family. It was absolutely delightful. We started out the evening with a cheese fondue. We dipped pears, apples, grapes, bread, and broccoli. It was delish!
 We then moved on to a little meat fondue. Chicken, steak, and shrimp. (is your mouth watering yet?)
We finished off the night with chocolate. dipped mango, strawberries, pineapple, cookies, marshmallows, cinnamon bears, and wafers.

It was an absolute delight to be with the family. It takes FOREVER to get everything ready, but so worth it. Especially when you are preparing with the people you love most!

Now go fondue with your family.

24 August 2010


5 years ago I embarked on an adventure of a lifetime. It was 5 years ago that I said goodbye to my family and friends and ventured into a big unknown world. A world where I knew no one, didn't know the language, and certainly not the culture. It was 5 years ago that I left my home and went to Kiev, Ukraine - an experience I wouldn't trade for anything! And this weekend they will be dedicating the Kiev, Ukraine temple! I am so excited for the people there -- they have been waiting FOREVER for it!
I went to Ukraine to teach English. It was an absolutely incredible experience. The best moments were when you could see a light bulb go off in their heads and then they started talking your ears off. I just love those kids.
I love the teachers/friends I got to know while I was there. I have not been good at keeping touch with most of them but each of them forced me to really take life by the horns and live it! It didnt' matter if we were lost on the metro, surrounded by drunk men, or walking through a beautiful cathedral or park we were always laughing -- yes we were THOSE Americans.
Sometimes I wonder what the family I lived with is up to. They don't speak hardly any English so most of our communication was pantomime. I love that Lina (my host mom) taught me how to make all kinds of yummy food and Volodia (my host dad) played his accordion while we danced and laughed. Natasha and Sofia were the best host sisters you could ask for. I loved helping Natasha with her English homework.
I miss the beautiful churches. I miss living the 'big city' life! I miss wearing a big fur lined coat and totally fitting in. I miss the high-fashion of the women there. I really miss that pink purse that I brought home totally black...I miss it all - but I am extremely grateful for what I learned there. It makes me proud to live where I live, and extremely thankful for everything that I do have.

I just can't believe it's been 5 years.

17 August 2010

One Mans Trash...

Is another dog's treasure... or so it is at our house.

Last night I was making dinner and threw some fatty, vein filled pieces of chicken in a box I was going to take to the trash. I turned around to see this little love wagging her tail and enjoying my garbage.

16 August 2010

Lake of the Bear

This past weekend we went to Bear Lake with my extended family. It is always delightful to hang out with the cousins and just relax. Our family is quite large (my mom is 1 of 7) so there is never a lack of fun when we are all together. Here is a little breakdown of the fun

Friday: Arrived at the house mid-afternoon. Got our tent pitched (because of said family size we opted to sleep outside instead of fighting for an attic bed). Then went to a real live cowboy rodeo. This rodeo is nothing like the ones we experience at home - lets say we were a little out of place in our t-shirts. We had some family that barrel raced and steer wrestled.

I didn't take a single photo.

Saturday: Played at the lake. Oh what fun it is. Nothing is better than hanging out with your family on the sandy shore sunburningbathing. And the fact that we had 2 boats, jet ski, wave runner, and water scooter made for plenty of fun on the lake. Shane, the mad man, decided to try out wakeboarding. He popped right up his first try. Proceeded to cut in and out of the wake, did a little jump coming back in, and to make us all feel better about his natural ability gracefully face planted after doing a little out-of-control number. We also had tube wars and plenty of fun.

Sunday: We caught a little church, then enjoyed an extended family reunion.. So extended that I didn't know a single soul (except my own cousins). But the food was delish. Then Shane and I packed up and headed home so we could be back to the grind Monday.

I didn't take a single photo of this day.

21 July 2010


As I mentioned earlier we went to California with my family at the beginning of the month. And since I lack the desire to blog about it - I will just refer you to my sisters blog if your little heart wishes to read about it.

On a side note. Miss Chloe Dog likes fruit. Here she is cleaning out a watermelon, and this morning she found a mango pit in the garbage that just made her day.

06 July 2010

Lifeguard on Duty

Shane and I spent the last week vacationing with my family in Orange County, California. It was delightful - While we were at the beach I had a flood of memories that came back to me from the summer before my Senior year at MHS.
(Me, Skye, Melinda, McCall)

I was invited to go to Newport Beach with some of my friends. While there we spent alot of time at the beach soaking in the sun rays (meaning sunburn for me) and catching a wave. One afternoon I remember the waves being fantastic. We were hanging out in the water waiting for "the perfect wave". We passed up a few good ones knowing something better was coming and we wanted the best ride we could get.

Before we knew it the waves were crashing in front of us and not behind us. We hung out still waiting for that wave. Next thing we knew we saw lifeguards running into the water and then lifeguard trucks pulling up on the beach. Thinking "What idiot needs a lifeguard" we continued waiting for that wave. Next thing we knew 2 unattractive male lifeguards swam up to us and told us that we were in a riptide being pulled out to sea (oops.) The lifeguards proceeded to pull us into shore. 

Yup. We felt like total idiots. But it created a fantastic memory. 

Please ignore the poor quality photos. My scanner is obviously not the best. And pictures of our recent trip to come...

18 June 2010

Chloe's House

You may remember a few weeks ago when Shane built Chloe's dog house
I decided today to spruce it up a bit - and make it more homey for her. Not to mention it would improve the aesthetics of my back yard. While I worked Chloe did this....
and this...
comfortably inside the house. While I painted away in the backyard. The finished project looks like this...
I rather like it. And I think the Chloe Dog does too.

16 June 2010


A little weekend recap...

Shane and I decided to kill some time at the World Market waiting for some of our friends to come home from work so we could play. We found this little shopping cart - I thought it was hilarious, borderline ridiculous, so I snapped a photo. (P.S. Shane is not impressed with the World Market, he thinks it shouldn't have that name because they didn't have Alfajores)

On Friday I hung out with this girl...
and these dapper dudes...
They are pretty hilarious little guys. While the 4 of us were together we made these

MJ put her potato head in the quiet books she is making for the above dudes - Mine was just plain. Don't worry she isn't crying - it's allergies.

Then on Saturday we went to a DeMill family reunion

While there we made a stop at the grocery store and Shane found this. I had to take a picture.

We then went to the reunion where we froze our rear-ends off (No thank you Mother Nature). It was delightful to spend some time with the family and see those that we dont' see very often.

After the reunion we went to my parents house. While there Shane enjoyed himself with my dad and brothers. I went with my mom and sister and colored and cut my hair (no picture).

It was a delightful weekend.

26 May 2010

la la la....

Nothing much up in our life - just work, sleep, eat, repeat...

Last night we mixed it up a bit by going to my little brothers Jr. High Choir Concert

(They are the ones with the Red Arrows Pointing to them - don't judge my editing skills)

It was as delightful as can be.
There was a solo by this guy

and he did a fantastic job.

10 May 2010

Just like...

...Old Times. Do you ever have those moments where you feel like you are still in High School? I had one of them a few weekends ago. McCall and I went to our dear friend Ben's wedding when we ran into these dapper guys.
Bean, McCall, Robbie, Me, Jeff, Josh

 We had a grand old time laughing about dances, weekends, and other ridiculous things we did (and still do). It was an absolute delight to see them again. I was ready to throw on a pair of flip flops (in the snow), walk down to Southwood, and play a game of Ultimate.

28 April 2010

15 April 2010

Last Weekend...

We Shane built this...
for this...
Meet Chloe - the newest member of our family. I love her - Shane tolerates her.

25 March 2010


...but no thanks Mr. President

09 March 2010

As Requested...

Mrs. Eva's Sugar Cookies

The cast:
1 cup butter
2 cups sugar
2 eggs
1 cup sour cream
1 tsp. vanilla
1/2 tsp. salt
1/2 tsp. baking soda
3 Tbsp. baking powder
4 1/2 cups flour

Scene 1:
Cream together butter and sugar. After it is creamed add eggs, sour cream, and vanilla and mix.

Scene 2:
Sift together salt, baking soda, baking powder, and flour. Then add it 1 cup at a time to the butter and sugar mixture, making sure you mix it in completely before adding the next cup. The dough will be slightly sticky.

Cover the bowl and put it in the refrigeratior for about 2 hours

Scene 3:
Take the dough out of the fridge. Roll it out on a well floured surface to desired thickness (I like them about 1/4 inchish). Then use your favorite cookie cutter to cut out the cookies. Place them on a cookie sheet sprayed with pam and bake at 350 degrees for 10-15 minutes or until slightly golden around the edges.

Frost with your favorite frosting and enjoy!

26 February 2010

Living on a Prayer

While driving home from work on Thursday I was in Sandy when I looked down to see this...

Yes I know my speed is a little over the speed limit - but you obviously missed it. Let me show you closer up what I saw....

See that little orange light -- it means "get to a gas station sister- I'm runnin' LOW"

So I did what any practical responsible drive would do - I said a prayer in my heart and put the pedal to the metal. After all I had to get to Costco so I could save a few pennies.

Shane is convinced my car runs on fumes

P.S. One of my bestest friends delivered 30 week twins earlier this week. The younger one got life flighted to Primary's late last night with some problems. Prayers are needed for these two little angel boys, Isaac and Owen, and their parents. 

02 February 2010


Not much exciting going on in the life of the DeMill's.
Except... We upgraded from this
to this
And we LOVE every minute of it.

Now if we could just get PCs and Mac's to be friends we would be loving life even more!