26 February 2010

Living on a Prayer

While driving home from work on Thursday I was in Sandy when I looked down to see this...

Yes I know my speed is a little over the speed limit - but you obviously missed it. Let me show you closer up what I saw....

See that little orange light -- it means "get to a gas station sister- I'm runnin' LOW"

So I did what any practical responsible drive would do - I said a prayer in my heart and put the pedal to the metal. After all I had to get to Costco so I could save a few pennies.

Shane is convinced my car runs on fumes

P.S. One of my bestest friends delivered 30 week twins earlier this week. The younger one got life flighted to Primary's late last night with some problems. Prayers are needed for these two little angel boys, Isaac and Owen, and their parents. 

02 February 2010


Not much exciting going on in the life of the DeMill's.
Except... We upgraded from this
to this
And we LOVE every minute of it.

Now if we could just get PCs and Mac's to be friends we would be loving life even more!