26 May 2010

la la la....

Nothing much up in our life - just work, sleep, eat, repeat...

Last night we mixed it up a bit by going to my little brothers Jr. High Choir Concert

(They are the ones with the Red Arrows Pointing to them - don't judge my editing skills)

It was as delightful as can be.
There was a solo by this guy

and he did a fantastic job.

10 May 2010

Just like...

...Old Times. Do you ever have those moments where you feel like you are still in High School? I had one of them a few weekends ago. McCall and I went to our dear friend Ben's wedding when we ran into these dapper guys.
Bean, McCall, Robbie, Me, Jeff, Josh

 We had a grand old time laughing about dances, weekends, and other ridiculous things we did (and still do). It was an absolute delight to see them again. I was ready to throw on a pair of flip flops (in the snow), walk down to Southwood, and play a game of Ultimate.