18 June 2010

Chloe's House

You may remember a few weeks ago when Shane built Chloe's dog house
I decided today to spruce it up a bit - and make it more homey for her. Not to mention it would improve the aesthetics of my back yard. While I worked Chloe did this....
and this...
comfortably inside the house. While I painted away in the backyard. The finished project looks like this...
I rather like it. And I think the Chloe Dog does too.

16 June 2010


A little weekend recap...

Shane and I decided to kill some time at the World Market waiting for some of our friends to come home from work so we could play. We found this little shopping cart - I thought it was hilarious, borderline ridiculous, so I snapped a photo. (P.S. Shane is not impressed with the World Market, he thinks it shouldn't have that name because they didn't have Alfajores)

On Friday I hung out with this girl...
and these dapper dudes...
They are pretty hilarious little guys. While the 4 of us were together we made these

MJ put her potato head in the quiet books she is making for the above dudes - Mine was just plain. Don't worry she isn't crying - it's allergies.

Then on Saturday we went to a DeMill family reunion

While there we made a stop at the grocery store and Shane found this. I had to take a picture.

We then went to the reunion where we froze our rear-ends off (No thank you Mother Nature). It was delightful to spend some time with the family and see those that we dont' see very often.

After the reunion we went to my parents house. While there Shane enjoyed himself with my dad and brothers. I went with my mom and sister and colored and cut my hair (no picture).

It was a delightful weekend.