21 July 2010


As I mentioned earlier we went to California with my family at the beginning of the month. And since I lack the desire to blog about it - I will just refer you to my sisters blog if your little heart wishes to read about it.

On a side note. Miss Chloe Dog likes fruit. Here she is cleaning out a watermelon, and this morning she found a mango pit in the garbage that just made her day.

06 July 2010

Lifeguard on Duty

Shane and I spent the last week vacationing with my family in Orange County, California. It was delightful - While we were at the beach I had a flood of memories that came back to me from the summer before my Senior year at MHS.
(Me, Skye, Melinda, McCall)

I was invited to go to Newport Beach with some of my friends. While there we spent alot of time at the beach soaking in the sun rays (meaning sunburn for me) and catching a wave. One afternoon I remember the waves being fantastic. We were hanging out in the water waiting for "the perfect wave". We passed up a few good ones knowing something better was coming and we wanted the best ride we could get.

Before we knew it the waves were crashing in front of us and not behind us. We hung out still waiting for that wave. Next thing we knew we saw lifeguards running into the water and then lifeguard trucks pulling up on the beach. Thinking "What idiot needs a lifeguard" we continued waiting for that wave. Next thing we knew 2 unattractive male lifeguards swam up to us and told us that we were in a riptide being pulled out to sea (oops.) The lifeguards proceeded to pull us into shore. 

Yup. We felt like total idiots. But it created a fantastic memory. 

Please ignore the poor quality photos. My scanner is obviously not the best. And pictures of our recent trip to come...