27 September 2010

Go Go, Go Go, Go UTA...

Last week I decided to try out the public transportation of the great state of Utah. Not only would I get a free ride to work, but I would do my civic duty by not polluting the air or taking up space on the construction ridden freeway. UTA recently started an express route from the BFE to downtown so I thought I'd try it out. Want to know how it went?

I'll do this in real time for you...

5:30 Wake Up
6:00 Run out the door to catch the bus
6:13 Board express bus to SLC
6:25 Stop in a neighboring city
6:35 Stop in another city (This is about the time I normally wake up)
6:40 On I-15
7:00 Bus exits 400 south
7:02 Bus makes first stop
7:05 Bus makes another stop, that is not scheduled (This is about the time I normally leave for work)
7:07 Bus maks another non-scheduled stop
7:10 Bus makes another stop
7:12 Bus makes a scheduled stop
7:15 Bus makes another non-scheduled stop
7:20 Bus makes a scheduled stop
7:21 Bus makes another non-scheduled stop
7:25 Bus makes it's final stop - I get off
7:26 I realize that I missed the connecting bus so I have to wait for it
7:30 now realize that instead of the next bus coming in a decent amount of time I have to wait 25 minutes
7:35 I start to walk around the gateway to kill time
7:40 Homeless bum starts walking and talking with me - I walk faster
7:50 I return to the bus stop where I can catch a bus to work
7:56 Bus is now 1 minute late (This is about the time I normally arrive at work)
7:59 Bus finally shows up
8:15 I get off the bus infront of my work

Did you catch that people 2 hours to ride the bus to work when I can drive there, through the construction, in about an hour. And the best part of it all... I got to do it all again on the way home, leaving work at 3:45.

The best part! I had to take vacation time to make-up my hours.

04 September 2010

I can Fondue...

...can you fondue?

Tonight we did a little fondue with my family. It was absolutely delightful. We started out the evening with a cheese fondue. We dipped pears, apples, grapes, bread, and broccoli. It was delish!
 We then moved on to a little meat fondue. Chicken, steak, and shrimp. (is your mouth watering yet?)
We finished off the night with chocolate. dipped mango, strawberries, pineapple, cookies, marshmallows, cinnamon bears, and wafers.

It was an absolute delight to be with the family. It takes FOREVER to get everything ready, but so worth it. Especially when you are preparing with the people you love most!

Now go fondue with your family.