28 November 2010

I'll have a wash and trim please...

I took Miss. Chloe to the groomer this weekend.  She needed a good bath and a little face trim. She came out looking like this....

... missing half of her face. I took the poor thing back and she now looks like the most pathetic little dog ever created.

22 November 2010

Happy Halloween

Do you think it is appropriate to do a Halloween post the week of Thanksgiving?

You do! Good, I think so too. This year Shane and I dressed up as our former selves - only a few years older (and a few pounds heavier in my case)

Yes here we are. The MHS class officer and BHS soccer player. (Ben and Melinda you have our permission to copy in the future if you choose)

09 November 2010

Gift Exchange

I know I have not posted in forever... and no I do not feel bad about it.

However, I do request that you update your blogs regularly. (Does that make me a hypocrite?)

On a side note. One of my favorite crafty blogs is Craftaholics Anonymous. She is having her Holiday Handmade Gift Exchange and I thought some of you might be interested in participating. So jump on over to her blog and sign up. You can sign-up to exchange with someone internationally or just in the USA.