27 December 2010

Sunbeamisms 2010

Once again I taught the 3-4 year old sunbeams at church this year. Shane taught with me for a good chunk of the year. We had 12 kiddo's in our class (only 1/2 of the age group) and they provided us with non stop laughter. Here is what we learned this year...

-When you turn 8 you get married -- or get your ears pierced
-When you go to the bathroom and you hear "plop plop" it will splash up and get your bum wet
-Heaven is full of princesses, like cinderella
-Joke: Why did the scripture power cross the road? A: because Jesus wants me for a sunbeam. (what... you don't think it's funny)
-Sitting on chairs is only fun when you  have another chair in front of you to put your feet on
-When it is Sunday at our house it is Monday at the Juvenal house and Saturday at the Alonzo house
-Praying is "overrated"
-There is no prophet... but there is a brofit.
-Sometimes you don't have to share your toys. Like when your sister wants to play with them, you just push her down and then you don't have to share.
-It is more fun to be angry than happy
-FHE is "tupid"
-When Noah filled the arc he didn't have to add fish and ducklings because they knew how to swim
-You can learn all of the important scripture stories from veggie tails. When dad tells the stories they are boring.
-You don't have to be looking at the teacher or participating to know what's going on. And they'll never figure out you've been in la la land when you get asked a question and your response is about Chuck-E-Cheese
-Tears will get you out of anything - and usually win you a trip back to your parents (yes I am the meanest teacher ever to at least 2 kids)
-When you are asked to show someone how to be reverent it is appropriate to sit on the ground, put your feet in the air, and laugh about the color of your underpants
-Fingers belong in your nose
-When teaching and all else fails - bring out the play dough

I'm sure I've missed some of the spectacular things that were said, but all in all it's been a great year. I can't wait for another year of madness!

06 December 2010

2010 Christmas Devotional

Last night we went to the 1st Presidency's Christmas Devotional. It was marvelous! I loved each of the messages that were shared. When I found out that I was one of the "chosen" people to get tickets this year I was excited - but I was even more excited when we got there and found out that our seats were at the very front. What an incredible experience to look straight into the eyes of the prophet as he shared his Christmas message. And here are some pictures we took following the devotional. Something about the lights surrounding Temple Square just makes the holiday season a little more real.

"Let it be a time of forgetting self and finding time for others. Let it be a time for discarding the meaningless and for stressing true values. Let it be a time for peace" - President Thomas S. Monson