24 December 2011

Happy Christmas

We hope you are having a magical Christmas season with your families. And enjoying the spirit of the season. Since many people have asked when I was going to do a blog post again... I decided to finally get around to one. The last few months have just flown by here is a quick snapshot of what we have been up to since our free fall from the sky.

Jessica took and passed the series 7 & 63 license exams. The best description I've heard of these tests is that they are the equivalent of taking a masters finance class - and they were done in weeks.

We went to Seattle for one of my dear childhood friends wedding. It was fun showing Shane my neighborhood from growing up. I love that the people living in 'our home' still have it painted white with green trim. This picture alone should have it's own post.

This is the only picture proof I have that we went to the wedding (and it is not even a picture of the bride). It was a beautiful wedding and unlike any wedding we had ever been to (and we loved it). 

We spent our Sunday being tourists downtown. We gave our hosts a hug goodbye (thanks Ballard family - we loved staying with you!) and headed downtown. We started with a stop at Top Pot Donuts, per McCall's suggestion, and were not disappointed. I got a maple bar bigger than my head and Shane enjoyed a fresh blueberry cake donut that was also quite large. 

We visited the Space Needle and surrounding Seattle Center. Then rode the monorail towards the market. 

Loved the market. I could have spent more time there just wandering the aisle's of flowers and booths. We got a king salmon to bring home with us (I am amazed that they can pack it tight enough that you can carry it on a plane and not smell a thing). We also enjoyed some fresh fruit... nothing compares to the peaches and Rainier cherry's we enjoyed that day. 

Next we headed down to Ivar's to give our feet a break and enjoy fresh fish and chips. After we were finished they bagged up our food and we headed out to the pier to feed the seagulls. We would hold a fry out in front of us and they could come down and take it right out of our hands. 

No trip to Pike's market would have been complete without a stop at the gum wall. It is completely disgusting looking and smelling but a completely interesting piece of downtown "art". We did our part and contributed to the grossness. 

October was pretty uneventful - we just worked, ate, and slept then did it all over again.

We celebrated Thanksgiving with the DeMill family this year (which I didn't take a single picture of). During November Shane started a new job as well, managing an autobody shop.

This picture should have been before Seattle... but oh well... In late August we had a personal pharmacy delivered. We decided after years of trying multiple other things that it was time to do an IVF cycle. So I had the pleasure of injecting myself with a few of the above drugs every day. (traveling with sharps was ALOT easier than I anticipated). 

Very long story short we ended up with a handful of these which in turn turned into one healthy growing peanut. We are thrilled to have another member of our family in early June. The whole IVF process could have a huge post to itself... but we'll just leave it with those two picture. If you have questions feel free to ask, I am pretty much an open book. 

So there you go - September, October, November, and December in a Nut Shell. If you are lucky you'll hear from us again before Easter. But don't hold your breath

14 August 2011

Take a flying leap

Have you missed us? Well we are back. There are lots of things I have to update on like... Fun summer activities, work, family reunions, Shane's Birthday Bash, and Chloe's 2nd birthday party (yes I threw a party for my dog). But the truth is.. I didn't really take that many pictures. So maybe if you are lucky you'll get a few random pictures from the above events in awhile. So for now -- you can read about our most recent adventure.

For Shane's birthday Michelle and Mark gave him a free skydive. I was TOTALLY against it, but decided that if he wanted the throw himself out of a plane and kill himself that he could. I may or may not have made him check his life insurance policy to make sure they would cover his death. He was thrilled.

Well the big day came - August 13 - and after one of my hospital shifts we headed up to Skydive Ogden to get him all signed up. While he was signing his life away and Mark was getting ready to jump Michelle and I talked each other into going. So here the 4 of us are pre-flight.

Don't we look super fashionable? At this point I was a little freaked out (mostly that I would throw-up once we got in the plane). The view from the plane was spectacular and my nerves we totally calmed down at this point

And then we jumped...

talk about a thrill. I pretty much just dove out of the plane and started falling. Shane did 3 front flips out - the video of it is super cool! The view from the sky is spectacular and we lived to tell about it. So next time you are thinking to yourself "I think I'd like to jump out of a plane today" (which I am sure happens frequently) I'd recommend you do it!

Just incase you didn't get enough above.. here are a few more pictures for your viewing pleasure...

05 June 2011

2011 Sunbeamisms

Today I got released from the BEST calling ever, teaching the sunbeams (2.5 years for those who were counting). The kids this year were just as entertaining, if not more so, than in the past. So just in case you didn't get enough from this post or this post or this post here are a few more gems for the book:
  • Girls can't control where their pee goes... because they don't have a penis
  • "You don't wanna see my panties, or my china, or my bum bum" - right on sista
  • Weekly activities of these darling little sunbeams include playing with trains, riding bikes, and hitting brothers
  • When it is dark outside you jump on your bed. When the sun is out you play but go to bed when you are sassy to mom.
  • Fishing poles = lightsabers, guns, and swords
  • Sunday isn't called Sunday. It's call "My Class Day"
  • "Teacher did you know that you got a new door" said 3 weeks in a row. Yup. I got a new door
  • "Sister FaMiiilllll your dad is here to get you" (translation: Shane just looked in the window)
  • If a certain little girl kisses you - wipe it off in slow motion, with a very disturbed look on your face
  • "There is a secret about the baby in my mom's tummy, but I can't tell anyone yet" - cat is out of the bag
  • I asked the kids to turn off their mouths and turn on their ears (works like a charm most of the time-they love turning their mouths on when it is their turn to talk). One little guy could NOT stop talking finally I looked at him and said "Miles, is your mouth on or off right now" and his reply "It's turned on really high, and it is supposed to be off. But I like it on."
  • Scripture Power = hold your scriptures above your head
  • "Sometimes I can't sit down because my bum doesn't bend"
  • Picture in your mind this situation. You get back from talking with Bishop about said change in calling. Walk in Primary about 20 minutes late and take your seat. One little girl walks up to you and with a very stern look on her face takes 2 fingers and points to her eyes and then points to you. Then follows it all up with "now don't be late again"
Although I am excited to get to spend some time in Relief Society - I'm sure going to miss the antics, snack time, playdoh, and great family secrets that comes with the Sunbeams.

04 May 2011

The Finish Line...

You may remember that we had a little water problem back in January. Which resulted in eating out a whole lot. But I am pleased to announce that we are finished with the kitchen (can I get a hallelujah)!

So just in case you forgot what our kitchen looked like before let me help you out:

And here is the finished product...

-We took out the linoleum and put hardwood through the kitchen/dining area and then tiled the bathroom, laundry, and little hall from the garage
-Added trim to all of the windows and case on all of the doors
-Got rid of the Wooden Spoon (by Martha) walls and painted them Tracing Paper (by Color Life - Kwal)
-Added a cream oversize subway tile back splash
-Ran ALOT of electrical (microwave in island, under cabinet lights, and upper cabinet lights)
-New Cabinets that are near ceiling height, providing MUCH needed storage
-Granite Counter tops
-New sink, because the old one was only 6 inches deep, and Shane put in an industrial disposal because I put pretty much everything down there
-Plus put in a new front door, painted the rest of the 1st floor, and all of the other little things that have to happen in between all of those projects and trying to square up with the insurance company.

I'd call it a success. Audra, or anyone else who desires to see it in person, feel free to stop by any time.

02 May 2011


Last week I was sick - like strep throat, headache, don'tturnonthelightorIwillkillyou sick! So I stayed home from work on Wednesday and Thursday to enjoy my sickness. Most of that enjoyment came from watching TLC's coverage of the Royal Wedding - and I enjoyed every minute of it.
This is my favorite official photo! There is that kid in the back who just can't manage to stand up straight - mixed with Miss Crabby Pants sitting on the far left.
I watched every TV special on this blessed event that I think was ever created - and DVR'd the event so I didn't have to wake up at a ridiculous hour to watch it. All in all I probably watched a good 24 hours of coverage on the event - and loved every last minute of it.
Miss Crabby Pants is still crabby in this one. And I wish I could pull or canary yellow like the queen
I just love a good old fashioned fairy tale. I hope you loved it too.

P.S. I loved Kates dress and the 50's checked floors in Westminster Abbey. And could those hats be any more ridiculous? I think not.

P.P.S. So glad Osama is a goner. Even if the media coverage did interrupt the last hour of Celebrity Apprentice - I'll get over it I am sure

P.P.P.S. My kitchen is done - and I have not managed to take a single picture. Oh well - you'll get one soon enough internet!

30 March 2011

How to gain a little weight in not a lot of time..

Just try eating at these places for 2 months... for 3 meals a day...

Apollo Burger - Applebees - Arby’s - Arctic Circle - Astro Burger - Bajio - Betos - Blue Lemon - Burger King - Café El Lago - Café Rio - California Pizza Kitchen - Chick fil A - Chili’s - Crown Burger - Del Taco - Denny’s - Dominos - El Farol - Gas-N-Go - Grubbins - IHOP - Intermountain Cafeteria - Italian Village- Jasons Deli - JCWs - Little Caesars - Loves - Market Street Grill - McDonalds - Noodles and Co. - Old Spaghetti Factory - Olive Garden - Panda Express - Parents Houses - Pei Wei - Pizza Hut - Quiznos - Red - Lobster - Rumbi - Sean’s Smokehouse - Smiths - Subway - Thai House - The Pizza Factory - Walmart
Wasatch Deli - Wendy’s - Wingers - Won Won Wok - Yogurt Bliss - Zupas

... And I know that that isn't all of them, just the ones we had receipts for.

02 March 2011

Daycare and Depression...

Since our flood Chloe got to go to doggy daycare at Little Dogs Resort and Salon. It sounds fancy doesn't it!
That's because it is. She absolutely LOVED it! She was been able to go and play with other furry friends and run like crazy. They have play time, nap time, TV time, singing time, recess, meal time, and music therapy. Every day when I picked her up she did this...

and slept until the next morning when she could go to day care again. Since our kitchen is now at the point that she can stay home our insurance put the ax on day care. And now we are experiencing doggy depression - not fun at all.

On a kitchen note... do you recognize anything different in this picture?
Shane built us a brand new front door. And I absolutely LOVE it! Hopefully we'll have the rest done next week so you can see the inside. I'm excited that there is FINALLY light at the end of the tunnel.

08 February 2011


Last week Shane's sister Sherece got married.

During the ceremony I let our niece play with my phone.

And that cute little face captured some great pictures of the event. Like this one...

and this one...

And a large collection of other things - like her mom's shoes, the lights, and Shane's bum.

19 January 2011


Last Tuesday (January 4) started out as any other day would, but ended unlike anything I would have EVER imagined! I stopped at the grocery store to pick up a few needed items for dinner on my way home from work. Shane and I pulled into the driveway at the exact same time. We got to mail and took our time getting the groceries out of the car.

I walked into the house expecting Miss Chloe to be right there excited to see us, but she was not there. Instead of her bark I heard rushing water. Rushing water coming from under my kitchen cabinet to exact. Naturally I freaked out while Shane rushed to the basement to turn off the water. Chloe got soaking wet and jumped up on one of the kitchen chairs.
The pipe that provides water to the dishwasher popped right out of it's socket allowing water to run for a few hours. I did what any normal person would do and sent out a facebook cry for a wetvac, then called my hometeacher. (Wondering where Shane is? He ran across the street to deliver a pinewood derby car to a neighbor) Within a few minutes we had 2 people there with their shopvac's soaking up water.
It was so humid in our house that water was clinging to everything. After all the furnature was moved and water was soaked up we examined the damage. And called Service Master to come and do a little disaster clean up. That night they surveyed the water damage and installed a portable furnace. The water had gone through our ducts and flooded out the furnace. Since then we have been in recovery mode.

Our kitchen/dining and laundry rooms have been torn completely apart. Cabinets have been removed, flooring ripped out, and drywall cut and drilled into to help dry the place out. We've had fans, dehumidifiers, vacmats, and a bunch of other random equipment running in our house since then.
 This is why I love the homebuilder in our neighborhood. Now to adventure of putting it all back together - with hopefully minimal arguments (despite the fact that Shane has already had a dream that I wanted to get a divorce over the fact that I want european style cabinets and he wants face frame).

04 January 2011

our Happy Holidays!

We hope all of you enjoyed your holiday season. We sure did - in fact we had so much fun that we only took 2 pictures of the months worth of festivities. Here are some of the highlights

-December 12: DeMill Family Christmas Party. Ate lots of food, played some games, and enjoyed each other's company
-December 17: Ugly Sweater Party. Good food, good laughs, and an all around good time.
This is the only picture I took all night. Glad I captured the lights on Jake's sweater
-December 19: Pulley Family Christmas Party. Always a good time when this large group of people get together.
-December 24: Christmas Eve Party at the Buonocore's. This party is epic. Never in your life will you have the opportunity to eat as much delicious food as you do here!
-December 25: Christmas Day. Brunch at my parents, Dinner at Shane's parents.  Our favorite gifts include: a new cell phone (and provider), world map, clothes, shoes, slide compound miter saw, and treats. Chloe loved the wrapping Paper
-December 27: Extended Hill Family Shin-Dig. At Classic Skating, complete with snowball. Waited 2.5 hours for a pizza that tasted like cardboard.
-December 28: Jessica's MHS friends lunch. Love these girls (and the two who couldn't make it). It was good to hear about the adventures everyone has been up to.

-December 31: New Year's Eve at my parents. Played LOTS of games and watched A-Team.

Overall we'd call the holiday's a success. Maybe next year I'll take more pictures (but don't hold your breath).