19 January 2011


Last Tuesday (January 4) started out as any other day would, but ended unlike anything I would have EVER imagined! I stopped at the grocery store to pick up a few needed items for dinner on my way home from work. Shane and I pulled into the driveway at the exact same time. We got to mail and took our time getting the groceries out of the car.

I walked into the house expecting Miss Chloe to be right there excited to see us, but she was not there. Instead of her bark I heard rushing water. Rushing water coming from under my kitchen cabinet to exact. Naturally I freaked out while Shane rushed to the basement to turn off the water. Chloe got soaking wet and jumped up on one of the kitchen chairs.
The pipe that provides water to the dishwasher popped right out of it's socket allowing water to run for a few hours. I did what any normal person would do and sent out a facebook cry for a wetvac, then called my hometeacher. (Wondering where Shane is? He ran across the street to deliver a pinewood derby car to a neighbor) Within a few minutes we had 2 people there with their shopvac's soaking up water.
It was so humid in our house that water was clinging to everything. After all the furnature was moved and water was soaked up we examined the damage. And called Service Master to come and do a little disaster clean up. That night they surveyed the water damage and installed a portable furnace. The water had gone through our ducts and flooded out the furnace. Since then we have been in recovery mode.

Our kitchen/dining and laundry rooms have been torn completely apart. Cabinets have been removed, flooring ripped out, and drywall cut and drilled into to help dry the place out. We've had fans, dehumidifiers, vacmats, and a bunch of other random equipment running in our house since then.
 This is why I love the homebuilder in our neighborhood. Now to adventure of putting it all back together - with hopefully minimal arguments (despite the fact that Shane has already had a dream that I wanted to get a divorce over the fact that I want european style cabinets and he wants face frame).

04 January 2011

our Happy Holidays!

We hope all of you enjoyed your holiday season. We sure did - in fact we had so much fun that we only took 2 pictures of the months worth of festivities. Here are some of the highlights

-December 12: DeMill Family Christmas Party. Ate lots of food, played some games, and enjoyed each other's company
-December 17: Ugly Sweater Party. Good food, good laughs, and an all around good time.
This is the only picture I took all night. Glad I captured the lights on Jake's sweater
-December 19: Pulley Family Christmas Party. Always a good time when this large group of people get together.
-December 24: Christmas Eve Party at the Buonocore's. This party is epic. Never in your life will you have the opportunity to eat as much delicious food as you do here!
-December 25: Christmas Day. Brunch at my parents, Dinner at Shane's parents.  Our favorite gifts include: a new cell phone (and provider), world map, clothes, shoes, slide compound miter saw, and treats. Chloe loved the wrapping Paper
-December 27: Extended Hill Family Shin-Dig. At Classic Skating, complete with snowball. Waited 2.5 hours for a pizza that tasted like cardboard.
-December 28: Jessica's MHS friends lunch. Love these girls (and the two who couldn't make it). It was good to hear about the adventures everyone has been up to.

-December 31: New Year's Eve at my parents. Played LOTS of games and watched A-Team.

Overall we'd call the holiday's a success. Maybe next year I'll take more pictures (but don't hold your breath).