30 March 2011

How to gain a little weight in not a lot of time..

Just try eating at these places for 2 months... for 3 meals a day...

Apollo Burger - Applebees - Arby’s - Arctic Circle - Astro Burger - Bajio - Betos - Blue Lemon - Burger King - Café El Lago - Café Rio - California Pizza Kitchen - Chick fil A - Chili’s - Crown Burger - Del Taco - Denny’s - Dominos - El Farol - Gas-N-Go - Grubbins - IHOP - Intermountain Cafeteria - Italian Village- Jasons Deli - JCWs - Little Caesars - Loves - Market Street Grill - McDonalds - Noodles and Co. - Old Spaghetti Factory - Olive Garden - Panda Express - Parents Houses - Pei Wei - Pizza Hut - Quiznos - Red - Lobster - Rumbi - Sean’s Smokehouse - Smiths - Subway - Thai House - The Pizza Factory - Walmart
Wasatch Deli - Wendy’s - Wingers - Won Won Wok - Yogurt Bliss - Zupas

... And I know that that isn't all of them, just the ones we had receipts for.

02 March 2011

Daycare and Depression...

Since our flood Chloe got to go to doggy daycare at Little Dogs Resort and Salon. It sounds fancy doesn't it!
That's because it is. She absolutely LOVED it! She was been able to go and play with other furry friends and run like crazy. They have play time, nap time, TV time, singing time, recess, meal time, and music therapy. Every day when I picked her up she did this...

and slept until the next morning when she could go to day care again. Since our kitchen is now at the point that she can stay home our insurance put the ax on day care. And now we are experiencing doggy depression - not fun at all.

On a kitchen note... do you recognize anything different in this picture?
Shane built us a brand new front door. And I absolutely LOVE it! Hopefully we'll have the rest done next week so you can see the inside. I'm excited that there is FINALLY light at the end of the tunnel.