04 May 2011

The Finish Line...

You may remember that we had a little water problem back in January. Which resulted in eating out a whole lot. But I am pleased to announce that we are finished with the kitchen (can I get a hallelujah)!

So just in case you forgot what our kitchen looked like before let me help you out:

And here is the finished product...

-We took out the linoleum and put hardwood through the kitchen/dining area and then tiled the bathroom, laundry, and little hall from the garage
-Added trim to all of the windows and case on all of the doors
-Got rid of the Wooden Spoon (by Martha) walls and painted them Tracing Paper (by Color Life - Kwal)
-Added a cream oversize subway tile back splash
-Ran ALOT of electrical (microwave in island, under cabinet lights, and upper cabinet lights)
-New Cabinets that are near ceiling height, providing MUCH needed storage
-Granite Counter tops
-New sink, because the old one was only 6 inches deep, and Shane put in an industrial disposal because I put pretty much everything down there
-Plus put in a new front door, painted the rest of the 1st floor, and all of the other little things that have to happen in between all of those projects and trying to square up with the insurance company.

I'd call it a success. Audra, or anyone else who desires to see it in person, feel free to stop by any time.

02 May 2011


Last week I was sick - like strep throat, headache, don'tturnonthelightorIwillkillyou sick! So I stayed home from work on Wednesday and Thursday to enjoy my sickness. Most of that enjoyment came from watching TLC's coverage of the Royal Wedding - and I enjoyed every minute of it.
This is my favorite official photo! There is that kid in the back who just can't manage to stand up straight - mixed with Miss Crabby Pants sitting on the far left.
I watched every TV special on this blessed event that I think was ever created - and DVR'd the event so I didn't have to wake up at a ridiculous hour to watch it. All in all I probably watched a good 24 hours of coverage on the event - and loved every last minute of it.
Miss Crabby Pants is still crabby in this one. And I wish I could pull or canary yellow like the queen
I just love a good old fashioned fairy tale. I hope you loved it too.

P.S. I loved Kates dress and the 50's checked floors in Westminster Abbey. And could those hats be any more ridiculous? I think not.

P.P.S. So glad Osama is a goner. Even if the media coverage did interrupt the last hour of Celebrity Apprentice - I'll get over it I am sure

P.P.P.S. My kitchen is done - and I have not managed to take a single picture. Oh well - you'll get one soon enough internet!