05 June 2011

2011 Sunbeamisms

Today I got released from the BEST calling ever, teaching the sunbeams (2.5 years for those who were counting). The kids this year were just as entertaining, if not more so, than in the past. So just in case you didn't get enough from this post or this post or this post here are a few more gems for the book:
  • Girls can't control where their pee goes... because they don't have a penis
  • "You don't wanna see my panties, or my china, or my bum bum" - right on sista
  • Weekly activities of these darling little sunbeams include playing with trains, riding bikes, and hitting brothers
  • When it is dark outside you jump on your bed. When the sun is out you play but go to bed when you are sassy to mom.
  • Fishing poles = lightsabers, guns, and swords
  • Sunday isn't called Sunday. It's call "My Class Day"
  • "Teacher did you know that you got a new door" said 3 weeks in a row. Yup. I got a new door
  • "Sister FaMiiilllll your dad is here to get you" (translation: Shane just looked in the window)
  • If a certain little girl kisses you - wipe it off in slow motion, with a very disturbed look on your face
  • "There is a secret about the baby in my mom's tummy, but I can't tell anyone yet" - cat is out of the bag
  • I asked the kids to turn off their mouths and turn on their ears (works like a charm most of the time-they love turning their mouths on when it is their turn to talk). One little guy could NOT stop talking finally I looked at him and said "Miles, is your mouth on or off right now" and his reply "It's turned on really high, and it is supposed to be off. But I like it on."
  • Scripture Power = hold your scriptures above your head
  • "Sometimes I can't sit down because my bum doesn't bend"
  • Picture in your mind this situation. You get back from talking with Bishop about said change in calling. Walk in Primary about 20 minutes late and take your seat. One little girl walks up to you and with a very stern look on her face takes 2 fingers and points to her eyes and then points to you. Then follows it all up with "now don't be late again"
Although I am excited to get to spend some time in Relief Society - I'm sure going to miss the antics, snack time, playdoh, and great family secrets that comes with the Sunbeams.