14 August 2011

Take a flying leap

Have you missed us? Well we are back. There are lots of things I have to update on like... Fun summer activities, work, family reunions, Shane's Birthday Bash, and Chloe's 2nd birthday party (yes I threw a party for my dog). But the truth is.. I didn't really take that many pictures. So maybe if you are lucky you'll get a few random pictures from the above events in awhile. So for now -- you can read about our most recent adventure.

For Shane's birthday Michelle and Mark gave him a free skydive. I was TOTALLY against it, but decided that if he wanted the throw himself out of a plane and kill himself that he could. I may or may not have made him check his life insurance policy to make sure they would cover his death. He was thrilled.

Well the big day came - August 13 - and after one of my hospital shifts we headed up to Skydive Ogden to get him all signed up. While he was signing his life away and Mark was getting ready to jump Michelle and I talked each other into going. So here the 4 of us are pre-flight.

Don't we look super fashionable? At this point I was a little freaked out (mostly that I would throw-up once we got in the plane). The view from the plane was spectacular and my nerves we totally calmed down at this point

And then we jumped...

talk about a thrill. I pretty much just dove out of the plane and started falling. Shane did 3 front flips out - the video of it is super cool! The view from the sky is spectacular and we lived to tell about it. So next time you are thinking to yourself "I think I'd like to jump out of a plane today" (which I am sure happens frequently) I'd recommend you do it!

Just incase you didn't get enough above.. here are a few more pictures for your viewing pleasure...