06 October 2012

a few firsts...

Since I am so bad at getting this blog updated we'll do a "cliffnotes" version of the last few months. 

We celebrated Shane's first Fathers Day by spending an afternoon with the DeMill family on Saturday and then having a BBQ with the Hill/Pulley family on Sunday. 

We celebrated Halle's first Fourth of July at the Murray Parade in the morning, BBQ with the DeMills in the afternoon, and finished off the night at the West Jordan Rodeo.

We blessed our First Child... which also happened to be Halle's first day at church. 

Incase you are wondering Chloe had mixed feelings about Halle. Most of the time she prefers to be as far away from her as possible. When Halle cries Chloe makes sure we know and barks like crazy until we go calm the screaming child down. 

Halle met her first friend, Kate. She was quite pleasant until we decided to take their picture together. Halle is 6 weeks older than Kate. They had their first play date about a week ago.

We got our first smiles from this baby girl. We've since had first laughs. Oh the joy! She has also figured out the fake cry and pulls that one out when she wakes up from her nap. She will start "talking" to herself and if we don't pick her up in about 3 minutes from her talking the fake cry starts. Then breaks out in smiles as soon as you look at her. 

We went on our first vacation as a family of 3 and Halle dipped her feet in the ocean for the first time. (Please tell me this is the most darling baby in a swim suit you have ever seen!). The Oregon coast was delighful. For  full run down of this trip, hop over to my sisters corner of the internet, here

Halle went to her first BYU game! (and has since gone to another). She loves the games - probably something to do with all of the action/music/noise. She usually sleeps through one quarter and then is all smiles for the rest of the game. No doubt she will be a cougar fan. Rise and Shout!

Oh and I had to include this picture of our cute girl in her blessing dress.

A few firsts not pictured...

-I had my first day (which is now month) back at work. Although it's hard to leave baby girl it's nice to be back

-Halle has enjoyed her first Solid foods. The looks on her face - classic!

-Halle has also rolled front to back and back to front, and manages to scoot all over her crib while sleeping.

-Shane enjoyed golfing this summer - and I think he beat my dad for his first time. Shane says that it was a bad day for my dad and good day for him...

-We spent a delightful few weeks getting to visit Shyler and Britt (Shane's Brother and family) this summer. We loved seeing them and are excited for them to move a bit closer... maybe? (do you know where you are going yet?) 

-Halle and I spent a day downtown with my mom and brother - Halle took her first tour of the Lion House and enjoyed a day of shopping at City Creek. 


Lindsay and Mike said...

She is sooooooooooooo stinkin' cute!!!

Dan and Laura said...

Oh the fun new things she's doing! She's darling!

Britt said...

Oh! What a cute girl. I'm proud of you for keeping up on your blog especially since I can't seem to do mine. Miss you guys! And happy anniversary this month.