26 December 2012

6 months

This baby turned 6 months old (about a month ago)...

She's developed quite the little personality lately and we love it. Here are a few of her latest loves...

-She can crawl/scoot/roll to get what she wants. She's been moving like this for about a month and there is no stopping her when she decides where she wants to go.

-LOVES baby food. Her favorites are apple-prune, mac and cheese, and bananas. One thing is for sure... she DOES NOT like peas. I've tired to combine them with other foods to see if I can slowly introduce them to her. But it doesn't work. She gags every time. I think she takes after her aunt Michelle as far as peas go.

-Found her voice. She talks/screams every waking minute of her life. You can't get a word in when she is telling a "story" because she only gets louder.

-Loves the Christmas Tree. Especially the glittery balls. Fortunately they are shatterproof so I've let her have fun hitting them off the tree.

-LOVES Chloe (although Chloe is less than amused with her). Getting ahold of the dogs tail makes her laugh. Hopefully once Halle stops pulling so hard.. and Chloe chills out a bit they can be great friends

-Mostly sleeps on her belly (and has been for awhile. I feel no guilt.).  And prefers to have her legs bunched up under her so her bum sticks up. 

-Likes the bath, and doesn't like getting her hair washed. She would splash all night if we let her.

-That funny hair of hers sticks straight up. I've tried to style it a bit but it doesn't do much good. It just sticks straight out.

-Enjoys toys that make lots of noise. Especially a mirror/lipstick/comb set she got from a cousin for Christmas. 

-HATES being left alone. If you leave the room she is in she'll let you know she is still there.  Fortunately if she is tired she's happy to be alone for her 2 or 3 naps.

So there are a few highlights about our baby girl. She is just growing up too fast.

Finally... if you didn't get a copy of our Christmas card... Consider yourself wished a Merry Christmas (a day late)


Michelle Montgomery said...

Love! Thanks for sharing your favorite things about Miss Halle.

Lindsay and Mike said...

She is so stinkin' cute!

Dan and Laura said...

She's such a pretty baby! Thanks for sharing. The sleeping on the belly with the bum in the air is my FAVORITE!